Monday, July 21, 2014

Shopping Specialty Stores

            And let me tell you one of the reasons I hate getting a new computer…

Where is this program? How do I find that? What happened to the files I just transferred? UGH. But that isn’t what this rant is about. Nope. I’m not going to whine and complain about my new computer. I want to talk to you about something else. Like maybe a place where I bought said computer, or something even more specific. 

            Specialty stores.

            Since moving to the SAV we’ve had many visitors. And it seems that with each visitor we must stop at each and every specialty store there is here. You know, one of those so special that you only see them when you’re not looking? Yea. One of those. First let’s start out with…

            The Salt Table. I’m not a huge salt person, but something about that place called to me. Plus I had read a friends book that involved a little girl infatuated with a particular salt in a store. A Himalayan pink salt. Of course the Salt Table has his salt, plus many, many more. One friend that visited even bought the Himalayan pink salt slab, a piece of thick salt that you can cook on. What I like in this store is not the salt, but the teas and seasonings they carry. The last trip in I bought a Savannah blend black tea that is phenomenal when chilled. J

            The last visitors did some major shopping the last day they were here. First we hit the salt store, then we hit another one of Savannah’s specialty stores, The Savannah Bee Company. This store specializes in all things honey, from raw, to Meade, to lip balm. There are many samples to be had, from wildflower to tupelo to blueberry. Needless to say I didn’t buy anything at that store. Why? They sell the honey in about a 50 lb. bottle. Okay, so maybe I’m a wee bit melodramatic, but honestly, how much honey could one use? It would go bad before I could use 12-16 oz. of honey?

            Don’t get me wrong, I love specialty stores. They are interesting, and I love a persons drive and desire to make something so unique work. But did you ever notice that you really don’t need anything from that specialty store until you go into it? Or do you? I wasn’t really thinking about cupcakes until I wrote those last sentences. J

            Do you have any specialty stores near you? Are you into the many varieties of salt? What is one store you won’t visit?


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