Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Athletes

      We have made it to the heat of the summer, or most of us have anyways. In a phone conversation with my mother today I wonder if Western NY has hit summer at all. I got the chills just listening to what the projected temperatures were going to be. Brrr. Then I stepped outside here and forgot all about being cold. :)

      It got me thinking... I used to love all sorts of summertime sports. Of course growing up where the summers are cooler aided with that, because it never seemed to be too hot to play. Now though, sigh, now I never even contemplate going outside in the summertime to play... anything! 

      Being the good, kind, giving person that I am though, I have gone above and beyond to bring you all some who do enjoy the summer sports. I tried to cover as many as I could. Let's see, shall we start out with baseball? Why not. Here we have CJ Wilson, who also served as the face of my hero in my second book, Autumn's Whisper.

      Of course baseball is a gimme. Let's dive a little deeper into the sports world, shall we? Oh, what a pun on words. Next I bring you beach volleyball. 

      Well, he technically isn't on the beach in that pic, but normally he is. Trust me! Let's see, what other sport can I bring you? Oh yes, the World Cup just finished up, didn't it? It was hard to not watch when you had guys like this to watch...

      I took more interest in soccer than I ever had before. ;) Oh yes, one more overlooked summer sport... Swimming. 

      How could I overlook swimming? Well, just because I almost forgot that one I, in my big heart, will give you one more.

      Okay, so he may not be a real life professional athlete, but does it really matter?

      Has your summer been hot or a little chilly? Did I succeed in making it a little hotter? What summertime sports do you participate in?

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