Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Ferrero Rocher Exercise

  This is an oldie, but goodie. At least I think! Forgive the rerun? :)

  The holidays have passed. The goodies like cookies, fudge, and candy are gone. What’s that? You say you thought I gave up sugars? Yes, I did. Most of them anyways. It seems that every here and there certain family members contribute to my fall off of the sugar wagon. This year my mother gave me some chocolate covered cherries. It’s a nostalgia thing. My grandmother and I used to share them when I was younger. As soon as I saw that box a smile came to my face even though I knew there were many sugars sitting in front of me.

  The Charmed One also contributed to the sugar diet. I unwrapped a small box of mixed Ferrero Rocher chocolates and wondered what I ever did to my loved ones to deserve such behavior! J So in the Ferrero Rocher were 3 dark chocolate, 3 milk chocolate, and 3 Ferrero Garden. Now… the Ferrero Garden was a white chocolate (my favorite) with coconut and a tiny amount of caramel drizzled over the top. As soon as that candy introduced itself to my mouth I found a whole new level of love. I am now on a hunt for more of those tiny pieces of heaven. If you ever find some please, please, think of me!

  Really that is not the reason for this rambling though. It's what those fabulous sin sugar filled candy leads to. You see, I haven’t got a lot of exercise lately. No exercise and increased sugar in the diet leads to Kelly feeling heavier. Kelly feeling heavier means Kelly is unhappy. I try not to hang in a state of Kelly unhappiness for long.

  Now I know that those amounts of sugars didn’t lead to my current state. If you haven’t noticed I am a little mellow dramatic sometimes. For effect. Yea. For effect, that’s it. So we decided the other day that we were going to start walking. The spoiled rotten Cavalier King Charles’ certainly could use a little exercise as well. I love to walk, if only we had a good place to do it. *I would not have this problem at all in Savannah* Just sayin.

Forsyth Park, Savannah
  A couple of days ago we put on the outfits, tied up the shoes, leashed up the dogs and off we went. The destination? Just down the road is a casualty of recession, a mini farm subdivision that was never built. Some geniuses bought the property, cleared off much of the land, paved nice roads throughout, but then found out they couldn’t get the land to perk. So it has sat. For a long time. This past summer someone did build a barn on the property, but nobody lives back there. It truly is a head scratcher.

  I have seen other neighbors walk back there even though there are No Trespassing signs at the entrance. So I figure it is safe. The first night we walked and there was no one back there. It’s a pleasant walk because there are no other dogs, or cars, or well… people. It’s a little hilly, but nice. The second night we walked someone was back there. With a chain saw. We made it to the new, beautiful barn and turned around. Both of us chickened out. We had managed to walk for two nights before we quit. Hmmm.

  We can forget walking along our road. People speed even though the speed limit is 45. Dogs are not always fenced in or caged. I don’t even know if the livestock is. *kidding* I just don’t feel comfortable walking on this road. The local park is nice, but walking there is strange too. We did it a couple of times, but the best walking seems to be in the Frisbee course. That presented some problems as well.

  So we will continue to try and figure this out. I know we will visit the deserted mini farm subdivision again, hopefully when there are no chain saw wielding men around!

  Do you exercise? What is your form of punishment exercise? Is it a daily thing, or few times a week thing? Have you ever tried the Ferrero Garden candy? What is your weakness when it comes to candy?

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