Monday, March 12, 2012

Hockey Hero

  I grew up in the frozen tundra of western New York. Each passing winter seemed to grow longer, and colder. I had three older brothers, so winter sports were a great way to make it through snowstorm after snowstorm. Sledding, skiing, and snowmobiles were all wonderful ways to not think about how cold, or how much snow the last storm dropped. There was one sport though that we couldn't do All of its relatives are popular too. On any given day people can be found playing pond hockey, street hockey, floor hockey, roller hockey, field hockey, or ice hockey. Yes, Buffalo and its surrounding area is definitely hockey territory. Even though I live in North Carolina now my favorite professional hockey team is, and always will be, the Buffalo Sabres.

  At this point I will lose all my male audience...sorry guys!

 They say when you write to write about things you know. My first book revolves a lot around an ornamental tree and shrub nursery because that is what I do in "real life." I had a story in me for many years that wanted to be told. I just didn't have all of the pieces until I tied my profession into it. After my first book I wrote a very short story for competition that was a contemporary romance. Then I started my second real novel. It is another contemporary romance that involves, you guessed it, a hockey player. This fictional hockey player's name is Logan Pearce, and Logan's fictional body looks a little like this-------;-)------------>           
Logan is fighting both Post Concussion Syndrome and his feelings for a young woman whose life, and arms, he stumbled into.  

  Yes, it can be kind of hard to get any work done if I have this image posted on my laptop when I write. It's tough, but I must press on! I am taking a class on writing a novel in thirty days. It is this novel that I hope to get done in that time, or close to it. 

  So, I'm glad I could share with you one of the things that keeps me busy, er, who's been keeping me busy. I'll let you know when Logan is free to play whatever sport entices you! Ah, the great escape is wonderful, isn't it?

Are you into any sports? What type of books do you like to read? Come on, spill!


  1. Can't really tell from the picture, but I am sure that would be a great tight end ;-)

  2. And I only follow the Hershey (PA) Bears because I like their name.

    1. Ah, probably right on the tight end! Hershey Bears are a cute name. I'm not sure a bunch of manly men like being called that, though!