Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm Unplugging!

  That's right. I'm unplugging for a while. I have to quit all the things I love so much. At least for a little while.
I have to turn off my phone that is smarter than me. I have to quit tweeting, and texting, or anything else that starts with a t. I have to...gulp...not open my Nook. 

  Why? Because I am a product of my own craziness. I am a let's try this and that. Not a let's try one and see how it goes. No, that would be too easy. I am unplugging myself because I signed up for two classes that are going to be crazy intense. One will last two weeks. The other goes the whole month of March. I was fortunate enough to find that a highly respected writing organization was offering several classes throughout the month. I took an interest in two. Actually I took an interest in all of them but thought that two would suffice. For now. They just started and I am already stressed. And I hardly ever get stressed. Well... Let me just say that the only way I can accomplish this is to unplug the cell, Facebook, and television for a few hours a night. 
  That's right, the television also. Trust me, usually I am not huge into the tube. I have it on, but I don't pay a lot of attention. I am usually writing and will look up every here and there. There are some shows though that I do watch. Even then the reruns and not happening enough story lines are bothering me. So I do think giving up most of my television in March won't be too bad. I have a DVR, so sometime in April I will have a Kelly day of nothing but TV. Here's what I will miss, or will I?

Revenge- I lose interest when the heroine is not in control.

Grey's Anatomy- Sigh. This season is filled with too much blood and gore and not enough                 McDreamy or McSteamy. The plot has lost it's relationship sparks.

Private Practice- Can the poor girl please have or adopt a baby already?

Modern Family- Great show. I will definitely miss you.

Raising Hope- Another show that makes me laugh out loud. Even better in the fact that it didn't drag out a possible love interest through season after season. See, it is possible.

Smash- You have only been on a few weeks. I was hooked, and then stepped back. Too many characters that have slept with someone else and mind games have me wondering why I watch it at all.  The only thing keeping me coming back is a new obsession with another Englishman. My how you have grown on me. Any my how I love the English/Scottish/Irish accent on nearly any man. 

Awake- Uh, not for long if I have to use my brain that much at ten o'clock at night. 

Last but not least:

Castle- A loooong sigh. I like you. A lot. Unfortunately I am too much of a romantic. Season after season I hope, and hope some more, that you will put Castle and Beckett together. Season after season I am disappointed. So much so that it has me wondering if I will DVR that, or it's competition. I am hoping that my work will be done by ten o'clock, but I can't expect that. I can't expect a happy ending from Castle either. Trust me, I love the wit, but is it too much to ask for more of this...
I had to make that especially large for some reason ;)  So that's it in a nutshell. I am unplugging every night for a while. I will plug in long enough for my blogs though. Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings! If any of my friends see the little green light next to my profile on Facebook send me a message telling me to get off! I can give up some things easier than others!

Could you give up some of your favorite shows? What do you watch? Do you put too much on yourself at once? 

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