Thursday, March 29, 2012

Savannah or bust!

  I have spent the last couple of days in Savannah, Georgia. It was a nice little birthday getaway. I am very lucky to be able to do such things. While there I took a picture and posted it to Facebook. Along with the picture it said something about Savannah being beautiful anytime of the day. I also said it was my soon to be home. This prompted a friend to ask, "What, why the move?" It got me thinking...

  I spent the first twenty nine years of my life in western New York. I was raised in a town with a population around two thousand. I have great friends, family, and memories of that place, but I really don't miss it that much. I miss them. I don't miss the high taxes. I don't miss the economic slump, and I don't miss the winters.

  I now have spent the last ten plus years in North Carolina. It is a nice place. I am only a few hours from the beaches and an hour-ish from the mountains. Here's the thing though...I have never felt like this was home to me. I have a couple of close friends and that's it. That is my fault because I choose to live the life of a semi recluse! I have just never said, "This is it. I love this place." This is a stopping place for me, and now it's time to move on.

  All too often we are reminded how short life is. Sadly, I had a hard dose of that reality last year. Since then life changed drastically. I try to cram as much into one day that I possibly can. I am striving to reach my dream of becoming a published author. I am doing what I can because life is too short. Life's too dang short to be unhappy. I'm not saying that I am unhappy. I'm far from it. 

  But Savannah, well, Savannah just makes me feel a comfort I haven't felt in ages, if ever.  I am a whole new person in that city. I can breathe easier there. I am more energetic there. I am ME there. 

  The history of that city amazes me, and you can see it everywhere. The relaxing sounds of the click clacking of horses hooves on the cobblestone streets is music to my ears. The carriage rides are not the only way to see the city, but one of the more romantic! The "Squares" invite you to sit for a spell in the shade of Live Oaks. You'll be mesmerized by the fluttering Spanish moss hanging from the branches. The architecture is stunning. Are you starting to see my point? 

 I could go on, but I won't. I think you get the picture! Besides, this is only my point of view. I know how I feel, and how Savannah makes me feel. I have been there three times in the last seven months! They say home is where the heart is. Y'all now know where my heart is.   

What area do you call home? What makes it special to you? Will you ever leave it voluntarily?

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