Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

  Tomorrow marks the first day of Spring here in the US. Ironically, where I live, we went right to summer. That's too bad because I really like the spring season. I like watching the grass go from brown to a vivid green. I like watching things come alive. The transformation is wonderful in not just nature, but with people too.

  It's almost like everything has been hibernating, including people. As soon as the weather warms just a little, people come out of the woodwork stretching, and yawning as if they have slept all winter. Their attitudes and personalities are brimming as if the shot of warm fresh air was adrenaline pumped into their veins. They are energetic, and willing to tackle projects left behind months ago. New ones may even be started. Husbands and boyfriends scurry along doing yard work, building decks, or whatever it is that their mates want them to do. The significant others help or watch, smiling the whole time. Ah, Spring has pumped a new life into us.

  It's not just humans that awaken. Birds come to life too. The male goldfinches go from dull to a brilliant yellow in just days. Hummingbirds zoom into town with a pep that I wish I had a third of. All of the birds sing prettily and do fluttering dances of love through the air. Soon thereafter the circle of life continues as they bring insects and berries back to their nests to feed their young. Spring sprang new life into them also.

  Spring is one of my favorite seasons as plants begin to flourish also. Even the evergreens, who have been pretty all year, put out a new growth which give them a new dimension. Even better are the flowers. Oh the beautiful colors of azaleas, cherry trees, redbuds, honeysuckle, and verbena. Ah yes, the plants always delight my senses. The flowers sprung a new life into the dull landscape, making the view delightful.

  So there you have it. My Spring, sprang, sprung blog. I hope you liked it. We are exceptionally warm here. I saw a picture today on Facebook. It was from one of my favorite authors who lives in the mountains in California, and they got three feet of snow recently. 

What part of the world are you from? Did your spring come early? What is your favorite season? 


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