Monday, August 13, 2012

Catching My Eye

    I have been experiencing some good and bad lately. My bet is that most of you could probably say that. I’m hoping that your good outweighs the bad. If it hasn't then maybe this one will at least take you out of bad and into good for just a little bit. At least I hope it does. 

  I will start with some good. I have been able to get some half way decent pictures of some of my favorite summertime things. I put a hummingbird feeder outside of my living room window. Now, I should have been thinking and used a newer feeder, but I didn’t expect to find myself standing at the window trying to get a picture of one of my favorite feathered friends. So here are a couple…

  The other day I was walking in the yard and something in the grass caught my eye. It was white. Curiosity got the best of me so I bent down to pick it up. I quickly pulled my hand away from it. After another minute I decided to become a little braver. I thought what a good picture it would be for some of my friends. So up on Facebook it went. Then, for some crazy reason I thought you all might like to see it too. No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it really is that big.

  Something else kept on distracting me. It seemed that every time I sat down to type I would see something out of the corner of my eye. Finally I let myself take the time to figure out what it was. It was this beauty! I love butterflies, and this one was friendly. It did not care at all that I sat on the ledge of the deck and snapped picture after picture. At one point it even almost landed on me. I felt its wings tickle my cheek. Isn’t it purdy?

  Do you see a pattern of a good story, and then a bad one right after? Well, here’s another bad (more like wacky) one. Just a couple of nights ago I sat in my recliner typing away when the strangest look appeared on the Charmed One’s face. It was a look between horror and wonder, if you can imagine that. When the Charmed One told me to look what was crawling up the screen I nearly let out a scream. What the??? I don’t know either, but all monstrous bugs have decided to descend upon us over the last week. Lucky us!

  Had enough bug stories? Me too. I am going to shake it up a little. I’ll tell you another bad, but end it with a good one. Always end with a good story! Come on, I am a happily ever after sort of girl! Okay, the bad. I bought a book on my ereader. I was going to start reading it, but saw it was almost 1500 pages long. Sheesh. I started reading it anyways. It was a pretty good book, and the reading went fast. Before I knew it I was on page eight hundred and something. It seemed like the end of the book was coming up, and I thought, “It can’t be.” Well, it was. It just stopped. The end. The rest of the pages were all previews to other books by that author. That has been the first book that I have read in ages that I would not recommend. On the upside I have read some other great books. I have read All Summer Long by Susan Mallery, Exposure by Susan Andersen, Secrets of the Lost Summer by Carla Neggers, Last Summer by Holly Chamberlin, True Colors by Kristin Hannah, Lucky in Love and At Last by Jill Shalvis, and The Garden of Happy Endings and The Secret of Everything by Barbara O’Neal. All of these were great reads that I would highly recommend. They were all great escapes! I could only hope that one day someone may like my books as much as I liked these.

Has anything caught your eye lately? Did it end up being a good or bad thing? When is the last time you read a book you didn’t like? What’s the last book(s) you read?   

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