Thursday, August 30, 2012

Killing Us With Exercise!

Hey there, it’s me, Savannah again. Remember me? I am Kelly’s tri-colored Cavalier. I’m the, (chokes once) bigger one who sounds more like Scooby Doo. Now do you remember? Well, I just came back to tell you all that Kelly and the Charmed One tried to kill us. And NO, I am not making that up. At all.

  They told us we should feel lucky that we got to go with them on their last trip, but I’m not quite sure. Ya see Kelly and the Charmed One took us to Savannah last week. They say we will live there one day, and that it will be good for us because we will walk a lot. (I think they are referring to my weight. Do you think that?) Oh well, anyways, back to the story.

  So we walked soon after we got there. It sprinkled a little, but it felt good because it was hot. I have adopted the Charmed One as my human, so we walk together. Alexis likes Kelly best so they hang with each other. We stopped at a couple of places. People like to look at us, pet us, and talk to us. After we got back I was exhausted.

  The next day we got up and went for another walk. But believe me when I tell you that we walked, and walked, and walked. This is when they tried to kill us. First we walked to a little cafĂ© and had breakfast. I hid under a chair while Alexis laid in the middle of the sidewalk so people could goo goo gaga over her. She’s something else, but I love her. Then we walked down by the river and rested. Next we shopped. And then we walked some more. I laughed at Alexis as she bravely checked to make sure nothing was in the hole that would come out and get us. Honestly that was the first time I saw her do anything that closely resembled a dog like trait. But I do love her. We stopped many times and had many drinks, but in the end Alexis had to be carried back to the hotel. I am bigger and a little sturdier. I did not need such services. After we got back I was exhausted and fell fast asleep.

  The next day we were all rested up so we went for a ride. We ended up at a beach. We walked a little and Alexis got something in her paw. After more ogling the Charmed One found a bur in her pad. We finished up there and went to some old fort. It was neat. There were a lot of cannons, and even a moat. Alexis started to limp again. Love her I do! By the time we made it around the fort and back out she needed to be carried again. Bless her heart. Ya know, just once I would like to be carried. They took us back to the hotel where we passed out. Exhaustion doesn’t even begin to cover the feelings that came upon us.

  Finally we came back home to our lives of leisure. Alexis still complains about her feet hurting. I wish she would toughen up a little, but she is a self proclaimed Queen. Apparently she feels she needs to act like one in some way or another. I love her. So that is the story. Our humans tried to kill us with exercise. We are not looking forward to moving here.

  Have you ever worked your pet too hard? What kind of pet do you have? Is it a ball of energy or a little lazy? Do you like these blogs from the dog’s point of view? Or should I give them up?

W.P.I. - When making a new planting bed consider your animals. Make sure the plants you are putting into the landscape are pet friendly. Some plants have toxins in them. If your pet eats the plant it could cause serious damage to them. Other plants have thorns that may stick in your pet if they step on them or brush up against them. Make sure your gardens are pet friendly!

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