Monday, August 27, 2012

It's National What Day?

  I bet you didn’t know that yesterday was National Dog Day, did you? Honestly I didn’t until a couple of authors I follow on Facebook posted pics of their dogs and mentioned it. “Now there’s a blog subject,” I said to no one in particular. Well, they were listening, and clamored to get in front of the camera!

  It seems to me that the Bosses or Grandparents Day’s of the world are about long gone. Now, in reality they are not, but you don’t hear too much of them anymore. Today you hear about these entire National What (?) Days. They are crazy days that tends to make you wonder who made them all up. So I decided to make myself useful and search out this calendar of crazy days. I have picked out some of the funnier ones for each month to share with you. Most need no explanation. Others I couldn't help myself!

·         January 12- National Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day. (Oh the thoughts!)
·         January 14- National Dress Up Your Pet Day.
·         January 24- National Beer Can Appreciation Day.

·         February 23- National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.
·         February 27- National No Brainer Day. (Hmmm.)

·         March 8- National Be Nasty Day. (Some people need to be told that this is not an everyday thing!)
·         March 12- National Plant A Flower Day. (May be hard to do if there’s still snow on the ground!)

  April 17- National Blah, Blah, Blah Day. J

·         May 8- National No Socks Day.
·    May 9- National Lost Sock Memorial Day. (Coincidence? I don’t think so!)

·         June 3- National Repeat Day. (I said…it’s National Repeat Day!)

·         July 1- National Flash A Trucker Day. (I would suggest you do this at your own risk!)

·         August  5- National International Beer Day. 
·         August 16- National Rum Day.
·         August 30- National Marshmallow Day.
·         August 31- National Trail Mix Day. (Please don’t confuse the two, it could get messy!)

·         September 19- National Talk Like A Pirate Day. (Aye matey!)
·         September 23- National Dog In Politics Day. (Er… No comment!)

·         October 12- National Moment Of Frustration Day. (Really? I have daily occurrences of frustration!)

·         November 6- National Marooned Without A Compass Day. (Eek, that’s not good!)

·         December 12- National Ding-A-Ling Day. (No comment on this one either!)

  So, those are some that made me laugh, and I hope you did as well. Kudos to whoever came up with them. They are a very good source of entertainment!

Did you like them? Have you ever come up with any National Something Day’s you would like to celebrate? Care to share?

On a personal note I think March 28 should be National Cherish Reba McEntire Day. (That day is our birthday J)

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