Thursday, August 16, 2012


  I have worn many hats in my life. No, I’m not talking about cowboy or baseball hats either. I am talking about jobs. To say I’ve had a few would be an understatement. Sometimes I had even considered myself a wanderer of the employment world. I truly wish I was one of those people who knew what they wanted to do since they were twelve. But I wasn’t. I wandered, and actually, I’m not really sad that I did. I took a piece of every job with me, which is cool in a way because I can relate back to those experiences if I needed to for say, a book, or a…blog.

  So one stepping stone on my way to writing (heh J) was a security officer stint. I wasn’t just any security officer though. I was an armed one! The company I worked for had a contract with a huge discount store. This store had everything from perfume to cigarettes, and we watched over it all. It always amazed me what people stole, or attempted to steal. Cigarettes were a high theft item. We would catch people stealing one, one pack, one carton, or more. I even caught an older lady attempting to steal a tube of lipstick. It always amazed me what people tried to get away with. Actually, when I sat back and thought about it I always got a little sad. It is sad to me that people have to resort to that sort of thing.

  If you follow me regularly then you know that a couple of months ago I got chosen to sit on a jury. The defendant had been accused of stealing forty seven boat batteries. You read that right, forty seven. *smh* Long story short he was found guilty. Yet once again I felt a slight bit of empathy toward the defendant. I don’t know why.

  Jump forward to this week. I got a nice email from my bank stating my debit card had been compromised. I scratched my head. Immediately I got online and went to my bank expecting to see nothing left in my account. To my surprise everything was kosher. All transactions I made were showing, and no questionable ones were to be found. Phew. Catastrophe avoided, right? Wrong. Within an hour my lovely bank called me stating the card was compromised and they would have to close the card out. Now my red headed roots started to make my blood boil a little. They went through all the recent transactions, which were not made by anyone but me. Still, they had to close the card out. I understand and should be thankful that they were being safe. But I’m not. I’m a little mad still. See, this is my luck. We are leaving for a little get away Saturday. The Charmed One has a big birthday on Monday, and well, you can see where this is going. Yes I have credit cards, but I don’t like to use them. I personally hate writing a check. Oh, and what is that four letter I hate to use that too, rather I hate to carry a large amount with me. So now I have to make time to go to the bank and get a temporary card. Can you see my frustration? I can’t even feel empathy toward any person because I don’t know if my card was actually compromised or if it was because I used it more than normal. It possibly could be my own doing. :-| Either way it has me pulling my hair out.

  So you can see how my stepping stone with a security job has led me to at least this blog! I hope I don’t have to reach back and grab anymore from it again!

  Has someone ever stolen your credit or debit card information? Have you had any quirky things happen before you took a trip somewhere? Are you a career person, or have you had a few jobs?

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