Thursday, August 9, 2012

eCard Mania

  Years and years ago the rock band Tesla remade a song. The songs name was ‘Signs.’ Do you remember it? It talked about wherever you go there are signs. Apparently these signs blocked the view, and told you what to do, etc. Come on, you remember, right? Today I think that song could be remade. Instead of the word signs we could use the word ecard.

  Yes I’m on Facebook, and I am on Pinterest as well. Every day I am overwhelmed with how many ecards there are out there. I just posted one on Facebook before I started to type this. Usually when there is so much of one thing out there I will tend to not like it, because it gets overused. I have not really got to that point yet with these…ecards. Let’s face it, that hasn’t happened yet because there are like a million of them out there. Some are in good taste, some…not so much. So today I am going to be a little short on words, but heavy on ecards that make me laugh, and hopefully they do you too! 

                                               With apologies to some friends and family...

                                                 Or how about...

There are also some non ecards that make me smile too...

  Okay, so I had a ton of fun with this one! I hope that you enjoyed it as well.

If you are on Pinterest or Facebook are you tired of seeing these signs? If you could make a sign what would it say? (Keep it clean, please!) How long do you think this trend will last? What is the funniest one that you have seen?

W.P.I.- Herbs are generally best used freshly gathered. Intensity varies considerably, so only use a little at a time to begin with. Leaves are not the only parts that can be eaten whole or added to dishes as a seasoning. Many flowers have a unique and subtle piquancy while roots and stems are prepared in many inventive ways. Try nasturtium petals in a salad or horseradish sauce, but always remember to only eat herbs that you can positively identify as an edible variety.


  1. I love the ecards/signs that pop up here and there. They are too much fun. My favorite is a sign that was hanging in a gift store. It said "Any unattended children will be given sugar and a free kitten" Can't beat it!

  2. Haha! I love that one. Could you imagine if that would really happen? There's a thought! Good to hear from you again, Tina! Thanks for stopping by.