Monday, October 15, 2012

A Trip To Ireland

  The clouds are looming low and the coolness of fall has settled in. The day has me feeling lazy. I watch a game, read a little, write a little. Then I fall asleep a little. I dream a little dream of traveling and where do you think I ended up? I'll give you a hint... Here's the view from the airplane!

    That's right! I flew to Ireland. My anticipation grew as we flew over the island a couple of times waiting for the okay to land. When we finally did my trip started in a city I couldn't wait to see... Dublin.

  After spending a couple of days learning the history of Dublin, shopping, and experiencing some of Ireland's pubs I headed out to my next destination.

  I went from Dublin to County Cork. The sights were wondrous,  the cuisine was fabulous, and the Blarney Castle was absolutely tremendous. Honestly how can you be in Ireland and NOT visit it? 
Blarney Castle grounds.

  After kissing the infamous Stone I drove to the next destination. I enjoyed every curve, every field and every sheep I saw. Driving along Ireland's countryside was everything I thought it would be. 
  My next stop was the Dingle Peninsula. It left me feeling like a little of my heart may have actually come from Ireland, and now I am digging into my heritage even more. 
  From there I stopped in a local bar (not the first time I did this I might add) and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the musicians and sipping a Guinness. Everyone I met was as friendly as can be and guided me to the best eateries and inns. 

  I actually stopped on the way to my next destination to take pictures of this...

  Before I made my way back to Dublin I had one more thing I had to view. I had seen pictures of the Cliffs of Moher, but they didn't do justice. This is something one has to see with their own two eyes. The Cliffs was one of the most jaw dropping sights I have ever experienced.

  Shortly after getting back on the road I was eagerly anticipating the next stop when suddenly the Charmed One started yelling. Apparently the team threw an interception at the end of the game which could have been disastrous. I gave the Charmed One a look that will not be forgotten anytime soon. I cannot tell you the last time I had such a great dream!

  Did you enjoy the trip to Ireland? Where do your dreams take you? What destination would you like me to dream of next? 

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