Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Walk In The Park

  If you know me, or have read some of my rants, then you know I really don’t care to leave my house. I consider myself somewhat of a hermit, although in reality I am far from it. I blame it on my location. Sadly, I had to leave the house the other day. The dogs (my girls) had to accompany me, so I decided to make it a little adventure.

  I started out with a couple of simple errands, and then we headed to a nearby park. I had been there once, but only to drive through and check it out. It is on the outskirts of town so I didn’t know if it could get a little… er… seedy. As I pulled into the parking lot two vehicles sat in the shade outside the parking spaces of the lot. Hmmm. With the vehicle in park and my wild imagination drumming up reasons why those guys were parked there I observed a car pull up. I watched as a woman got out, opened the back door of her car, and two children spilled out. They quickly ran to the grassy tree filled park and chose the swings as their first victim. I smiled to myself and got the girls out. My wild thoughts were laid to rest.

  We walked…

  We rested…

  And rested some more… (I read.)  

  The weather couldn’t have been better. I was in shorts and a tee shirt. The sun was filtered through the trees…

  We found a path that led along the woods. A well worn path led me to this…

  I smiled when I noticed a rope swing that kids must have made. I could just imagine a group of teens running along and swinging half way out into the river, letting go, and letting the cool water refresh them.

  Finally we came to the end of the path. The girls were exhausted, and I was a little warm. All in all it made for a great day!

  Tell me about a good day you’ve had lately. What is your favorite season? Do you get a chance to enjoy local parks?

W.P.I. - Leaves act as a mulch. They blanket and insulate the soil, which keeps the soil temperature from varying. As they decompose they add their nutrients and goodness to the soil.

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