Monday, October 29, 2012

The Face Of A Hero

  Ladies…  I say ladies because if you are a man you may want to tune out of my rambling today. I’m just forewarning you. So, ladies… I would like you to meet the face of the hero from my two short stories I just wrote.  You may recognize him from television shows such as Lost, or The Vampire Diaries. I just found him to be… dreamy.

  Meet Ian Somerhalder. I ran across this picture one day while looking for… Well I don’t know what I was looking for, but when I came to this picture there was no way I could ignore the fact that he was a hero looking for a story. I mean look how he is looking at me! Er… Well I guess he is looking at you like that now too. Those come hither eyes drew me in. They started telling me things. I quickly found a perfect heroine for him and as soon as I started dabbling with them they came to life. They have so much life in them that I will pursue their story more in the near future. I cannot wait!

  You may wonder how I used him for two stories. Well, they were very short stories. In one story the characters faces were descriptive. In the other story the characters were kind of given general characteristics, like hair and eye color, etc. Now, both stories I wrote were romances, so Mr. Somerhalder’s body may have looked a little fictitiously like this…

  I’m just saying! J I try to have some fun in my little world! It is fun to make things up and know that I am not totally losing it! My short stories are due this week, so wish me luck! Now I am going back to my other book, where I have now worked myself into four broken hearts. It will be tough to put the pieces back together for these characters, but part of the fun is just that… figuring it out. Oh yeah, and I’m just about done with an article I will try to get published in the local newspaper.

   So if you would like to wish me luck I would gladly accept it, and let me know if I can send you some!

  Do you have any suggestions for a future hero? Do you care if your hero/heroine have descriptive features, or would you like it left up to your imagination? Are you familiar with Mr. Ian? Doesn't he look like he has a story to tell?  

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