Thursday, October 4, 2012

Epic Failures

  We all have those days where things just don’t go right, right? Come on, I know it’s not just me. Those days where you trip over the curb because you didn't see it? Or the lock your keys in the car days. Luckily I haven’t had any of those in a while, but now that I bring it up I’m sure something wacky will happen. I visited a blog recently where the author wanted the readers to tell something they had failed at so that it would pick up the authors spirits. (She had a bad day in the kitchen, so naturally Kelly tells a story of something wacky that happened to her in another part of the house. I’m not much of a kitchen person unless there’s coffee involved!) It got me thinking. Today folks I’m telling of a couple of my epic failures. There will be no picking on anyone but myself. Well, for most of this rant anyways!

  The story I told on that blog was this one. Keep in mind that this happened many, many moons ago. One day I wanted to take a bath. My body ached and I thought a nice long bath would soothe those aches away. I went in and started the water for a steaming hot bath, knowing that as soon as I got in it would ease all of my problems. I left the bathroom and landed in the living room. Where I got caught up in a television show. And forgot about the bath. About fifteen minutes later I heard the water running and ran to the flooded bathroom. Sadly it wasn't just the bathroom that flooded. I managed to flood the basement as well. Did I mention this happened at my parents? Yea. Just one example of Kelly’s epic fails. (On a side note… Apparently my self diagnosed ADD happened way back when too!)

  I don’t know why my major failures happened at my parents, but here’s another one. I was weed whacking in preparation for a family get together. My parents have a full basement with sliding glass doors leading to the outside. Can you see where this is going? Yea. I got too close to the doors; hit a stone with the weed whacker, and said stone went into the glass door. It was the prettiest shattered glass you've ever seen. All of the cracks made such a pretty mosaic.  It sure caught everyone’s eye! I cannot believe it stayed in one piece.

  Again, sorry mom and dad!

  Here are some epic sign failures that I found to make me feel a little better.




Is it really a question?

  Now it’s my turn to ask. Do you have an epic fail story that you care to share? Have you ever flooded your house?  Has one of your children about driven you to drink?

W.P.I.- One certain way to fail a plant is to not water it. So often people think that once it’s in the ground that’s all that needs to be done. The more water that plant gets in its first year the better chance that plant has to live a long life. Water ensures good root growth which is essential for a plants development. After planting water deeply two to three times a week during the growing season if Mother Nature is not providing us with rain.

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