Monday, October 8, 2012

Bumps In The Road

  I seem to have hit a bump in the road to the career of my dreams. That is no surprise, because we all know that nothing is easy. When I started out writing my first book I had no idea it would turn into a full fledged book. Actually I have now learned it probably has too many words, but we’ll deal with that at another date. I have taken classes here and there to try and give myself a better chance of getting published and there is one major thing I have learned… I have a better chance of getting published if I have already had something published. J Are you scratching your head yet?

  Let me break it down for you. An agent or publisher has two query letters on his/her desk. One of the query letters is from an already published author, the other is not. Which one do you think the agent or publisher will look at? So, how do I get something published to give my query and book a better chance? There are a few ways. One could try and get something published in a newspaper or magazine. Even a letter to the editor would count. One could also publish a greeting card, and that would count. And finally, another option could be to enter and win a writing competition.

  I have a problem with the newspaper thing. Right now just about everything is political, and I have a serious problem with politics. A letter to the editor is probably out. Often times while shopping for greeting cards I say, “I should write greeting cards, these all stink!” I haven’t done it yet. So that leaves writing competitions. I entered one last year. It is probably one of the biggest in the states. Needless to say I didn't win. Most competitions have a word count. The one I entered is 4000 words. YIKES. Do you know how hard it is (for me) to tell a story in so few words? Well, guess what I have been doing?

I never said I didn't swear, right?
  These past couple of weeks I have been writing more short stories. That same competition is here, and I am entering. Again! This time though I have a little more time on my hands. I’m smiling as I type this because I am loving every minute of these shorties! As a matter of fact one is on my mind in a big way and I hated to stop to write this blog, but I did, because I love you guys! The first one I wrote could easily be a novella, and I am looking forward to making it into one. The characters made me fall in love with them in a big way, and their whole story needs to be told. I need some finger crossing here!

  So now you know what the holdup is with book number one. I have not abandoned it. That book is a part of me, and I will try my best to get it published. Until then I continue to look for my opportunities for some publishing credits to make a stronger query letter. I am out there trying! No, nothing is easy, but I do believe that all good things come to those who wait!

  What have you had to work extra hard for in your life? Was the reward worth the wait? Has anything made you scratch your head lately?  

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