Monday, November 26, 2012

Bacon Nation

  Sadly the Thanksgiving holiday has now come and gone. All that preparation and anticipation builds and builds then poof… it’s all over. As soon as it is over though a new anticipation starts. One for Christmas. Now-a-days the pre holiday sales start before Thanksgiving is over, even giving the words Black Friday a new meaning. Needless to say I did not attempt to do any shopping on Friday, but I did find myself in a couple of specialty shops on Saturday. One shop had different flavored peanuts, dips, candy, and spices. It was when I spotted this one special thing that I knew what I would blog about next.

  I have seen and heard so much about different bacon ideas lately. I scratch my head at some things I have seen, and wonder HOW, in a society so set on eating healthy, this became acceptable! 

  Who says, “Let’s put some bacon, and bacon flavoring in a martini? We’ll call it a Bacontini.”

  Or, “Let’s put some bacon flavoring in mayonnaise.” I squint because I am trying to taste it in my head. I think I like it.
"Lite," really?

  Now, bacon flavored popcorn? I don’t know.

  Bacon gumballs? Heck no. But someone came up with the idea. And I’m sure there are people who like them.

  What about bacon salt, or bacon seasonings? I am in awe of all things that bacon has become an influence on.

  Who makes a bacon pie crust? Someone did. I will say this one does not appeal to me that much. What kind of pie do you think that is?

  Then I found this, which I laughed at. If you are new to my ramblings then you don’t know I am a plant person. Now you do, so you should see my humor in this…

  All in all I can’t believe how bacon has taken off. Don’t get me wrong, I like bacon. I just don’t need it on everything I eat. Or drink. Or cover up a cut with. J

  Do you like bacon? Can you believe how everything bacon has taken off over the past few months? What is the strangest bacon item you have seen? Do you think there is anything they will not pair bacon with?

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