Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Blame Game

  There are many times when something goes waaay wrong around me. Obviously I don’t just mean a little wrong, I mean a lot wrong. Hence all the a’s in waaay. But there is one thing you can be certain of… It is never, never, my fault! That’s right; lately I realized even with little things, it is never my fault. How I got to be like this I have no clue. When I try and correct myself of it it’s too late, the blame has already flown out of my mouth onto someone else.

  Now there are quite a few examples that I could tell you about, but the most recent is probably one of the bigger ones. I’ll tell you about that one and I’ll ask you to not judge. How’s that sound? J    

  Last week I had to take my dogs to the groomers. I always took them to the same place when I lived close to Charlotte. Now that I moved out to Podunk I tried a local groomer. Needless to say I didn't like the job they did as well as the old one. And they were more expensive. And my dogs didn’t get all giddy and do a happy dance when I said the groomers name like they do when I ask if they want to go to the Bow Wow Boutique. So I decided to take them back to the Bow Wow Boutique even though it is a forty five minute drive one way. Last week we all piled into our SUV that I like to call Big Bessy. *I asked you NOT to judge!* It was early, just after seven a.m., and dark out. I made my way off the back roads and onto a main highway. Just a short time after I noticed a police car with its lights on off the side of the road. I pulled into the fast lane to give extra space. As I drove by said police officer was pulling out. I've been known to have a led foot at times so I made sure to keep my speed at or just a couple of ticks above the speed limit. Remember please that I also have two dogs in the vehicle, and now was the time one wanted to do exercises and jump back and forth from the front seat to the back. So now… police car behind me, dancing dogs next to me, and my wild, wild imagination working many stories in my head as to why this police car would pull in behind me, and then pull out to pass, then pull back in.

  Please believe me when I tell you that I am a law abiding individual. I even thought about law enforcement for a living before I messed a knee up.

  So, my mind was working wonders when all of a sudden pretty blue, red, and white lights came on behind me. I knew I wasn’t speeding and wondered why I was being pulled over. Within just a couple of seconds Mr. State Trooper was standing next to my window. He tried telling me my tags had expired, but it was very hard to hear over the barking dogs in my other ear. Again, it was before 7:30, so my brain wasn’t fully functioning. The next words to spill out of my mouth could’ve been taken out of context, and this is where the blame game starts. I give Mr. State Trooper my wildest expression and opened my large mouth to say… “I am going to kill my other half.” It was just a few short moments before I realized the severity of what I had said. Thankfully Mr. Policeman was very nice, and laughed at my misstep of words.

  So yes, the vehicle is registered under the Charmed One. We usually handle our own vehicle needs, but somehow Big Bessie’s registration AND inspection got overlooked. FOR SEVEN MONTHS! We cannot figure out how that happened, but rest assured it has been fixed.

  Do you place blame unnecessarily? Have you ever had an unfortunate incident you blamed on someone else? Have you ever threatened someone’s life in front of a police officer?

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