Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Parents Are Here, The Parents Are Here!

  For those of you who don’t know me I live in North Carolina. The rest of my family lives just south of Buffalo, NY, so we are around 650 miles apart from each other. Since September my parents have threatened a visit, but it seems every week brought another excuse as to why they couldn't come. The Charmed One and I laugh because they are retired and just can’t seem to find the time for a get-away. In their defense though it was leaf season, and they had doctor appointments, and the moon wasn’t in the right phase, and…and. Okay so I may have made up the moon part, but you get the point. Right?

  So we have gone on with our business knowing that they would get here sooner or later. Late October rolled around and still no word on when they could come so we made plans for Thanksgiving. To make a very long story short they figured out a way to be here around Thanksgiving. I had to break the news we wouldn’t be here. Then just a couple of days later I got a text saying they would be here Sunday.

  I thought for one fleeting second I wouldn’t have to make a Thanksgiving Day dinner, but now… Well, we’ll see! I may have to make it a little early. I think I was duped. Do you?

  Here’s a sign that my parents are here… I feel a need to get my hearing checked because I’m sure something has happened. The televisions volume seems to always be on about 80.

  I know that they spend way too much time watching television because they know when the show Cops is on. AND my mother knows all the words to the theme song. They can also tell me what the person is being arrested for before the announcer can. Repeat much?

  My sides and stomach hurts. That is a sure sign that my parents are here because they make me laugh. Hard. Their bantering back and forth cracks me up, and makes me wonder whether I should laugh or get a stiff drink.

  Their relationship is one of those that make you wonder. Sometimes you question how they are compatible. Then sometimes you see why they have been married 51 years. I am so proud of them, even though I do pick on them horribly.

  They are my parents, and I love them!

  How long have you been married, or in your current relationship? Were your parents married for a long time? Do your parents make you want to scratch your head? Or scream? J

W.P.I. - Did you know if you store onions in old panty hose they will last longer? Or if you wrap the stems of bananas with plastic wrap they will last a few days longer? I also just read that if you store potatoes and apples close to each other it will prevent the potatoes from sprouting! 

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