Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dairy Queen Disasters

  It is cold and has many flavors. It can be ordered either hard or soft. One can find this in many different places from restaurants to little stands, in the city or country. It doesn’t have many boundaries. It is popular with both young and old. It goes great with cakes, pies, or cobblers. It also does great as a standalone. It is popular at parties. It’s also popular with the more depressed crowd. It doesn’t care. What is IT?

  We’re talking ice cream today! Yes, me. I say I don’t eat too many sweets, but I always find a way for ice cream. It is my downfall, my drug. I can’t say no. It has been a weakness to me my whole life. (Personally, I think I inherited it from my mother!) I cannot remember a time that I declined a scoop. Or two. Or three.

  Ice cream is just a feel good food to me. When I eat it I feel better. Really. It’s kind of like some women love chocolate, or cookies. No matter what life deals us we have our go to food. And speaking of chocolate… If I am eating custard ice cream I usually will have chocolate, or sometimes a mix of both. But if I am eating hard ice cream I like mint chocolate chip. Or peach. Or black cherry. Dang it, I am developing a hankering for some right now.

  Why am I talking about ice cream today? I have stories that have accumulated. Amazingly they all stem from one store known for their ice cream, Dairy Queen. A few years ago the Charmed One and I set off on a trek. As we drove through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains we stumbled upon a DQ. Needing to stretch our legs we figured it was the perfect opportunity to do so and get a little snack. We stood in line patiently waiting our turn. When we finally stepped to the counter the Charmed One ordered a small vanilla. Attention turns to me and I order a small chocolate. This is when my world turned upside down. The young girl behind the counter states, “We don’t have chocolate.” Huh????? I don’t understand. You are an ice cream business that operates on two flavors. How can you not have one? Like the most popular one? I stood dumbfounded for what seemed an eternity. I even think the Charmed One had to pick my jaw up off the floor. All I can remember saying is, “Wait until I tell my mother.”

  I don’t know if I ever fully recovered from that trauma. I still think of it to this day. I also think of it as my luck that I would actually find another one that didn’t serve chocolate. That’s right. I found two Dairy Queen’s that didn’t serve chocolate. The second was in the bottom of Georgia. When they told me they didn’t serve chocolate I turned around and walked out. Sometimes I feel sorry for the Charmed One.

  How many DQ stories could I possibly have? One more. This past Friday we went to our local DQ. For fun we’ll call it Podunk Dairy Queen. The Charmed One wanted to go. I think it was an attempt to make me feel better over the epic house failure. I must say just mentioning it did lighten my spirits a little. We drove up, ordered two medium twists. There were a couple cars in front of us. When we finally got to the window the young girl working stated… “Our ice cream isn’t frozen. I could give it to you in a cup with the cone on the side.” Yes, you read that correctly. I sat with my jaw clenched. The Charmed One was dumbfounded. The conversation sort of went like this…

Charmed: “I don’t understand.”

DQ Worker: “We’ve been busy and the ice cream maker can’t keep up.”

Charmed: “What are you telling me?”

DQ Worker: “The ice cream is too sloppy for a cone. We can give you the ice cream in a cup, with a cone separate.”

Charmed: “What?” Looks at me. I shake my head.

DQ Worker: “Well, you’ll have to wait for the ice cream to freeze.”

Charmed: “No I won’t.”

  We took off and went to the little ice cream shop about a hundred yards away and got hard ice cream. I would like to know how she thought the driver could eat ice cream out of a bowl and drive at the same time. And what were we supposed to do with the cone? Scoop the sloppy ice cream into it? I don’t understand how this can happen. It wasn’t like it was 90 degrees and everyone was clamoring for ice cream. No. It was near 60. I think I have finally learned my lesson with that company. Honestly I don’t know how they are still in business.

  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you have a certain food that is your downfall? Have you found any DQ’s that don’t serve chocolate? Have any ice cream stories to tell me? Do you have cake and ice cream on your birthday? Today's my big day. I can almost guarantee I'll at least have ice cream!

W.P.I. - I have started over 200 plants the past couple of days. I had a late start because I thought we were moving. Now I plan to make up for it. Ideally they should have been started last month. If you keep seeds warm it encourages germination. Also once the seedlings sprout turn them daily to encourage stronger stems. Add a little love and you should have flowers and vegetables in no time! 

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