Monday, March 4, 2013

Sleepless in Podunk

  For some reason sleep is not my friend anymore. I don’t understand why it up and left me. I have always been more than kind to it, and NEVER cheated on it. I respect sleep. I cherish sleep. I NEED sleep. Lately though sleep has become a tease. Sure it comes to see me every night. It just makes a game out of how long it will visit. I don’t know when we had this misunderstanding or how long it will last. Hopefully we can come to some kind of truce, and soon. The Charmed One tells me I should think about having an alcoholic beverage before going to bed. Sorry dear, but I've tried with and without alcohol. It didn’t make a difference either way. L

  I go out of my way to meet up with sleep at various times. Days off I have a standing appointment with it mid afternoon. My mom always calls them power naps. That little ten to fifteen minute zap sometime during the afternoon that is just enough to give you the energy to make it through the rest of the day. Come on, you know what I am talking about right? 

  Since I have been having this love/hate with sleep I try to rest more. I try and find that happy place called relaxation. So I started thinking. Many people relax in different ways. Some do yoga. Some garden. Some read. Some work out. Some get massages. Em. That would be nice. I can feel my muscles ease just thinking about it.

  Well, I like to garden, but it isn’t the right time of the year here. As far as I know they are not familiar with yoga, or exercise, here in Podunk. ;) So yes, I read. I like to sit in my recliner and pop open my Nook. There was a time when I used to only read for about an hour before I went to bed. Now I give myself more time. I try to get at least an hour and a half or more of quality reading in. I tend to think the stresses of the day ease out of me when I escape into someone else’s mind and words.
I could really relax with this chair!

  I think that’s true until I wake up after only a couple hours of sleep. I lie there and try not to think of the things that stress me, but why is that the time when your mind concentrates on everything you don’t want it too? It will think about things going on personally for me. It will think about that one little part of that book that I didn’t like. It will think about how mad I am at it for not being able to think of anything else. *sigh*

  So, do you take power naps? What do you do for relaxation? Is sleep your friend or enemy? Do you have any special tips for getting back to sleep? No sheep comments, please!
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