Monday, March 25, 2013

Life's Highs And Lows

  We've all had days we just want to put behind us as soon as we can, but have you had a whole week you wanted to forget?  I understand, life throws you curves. It keeps you on your toes. Don’t even think about becoming flatfooted because as soon as you do something happens to throw you off kilter. To me it’s like you move along in life, handling small ups and downs, then wham-o, someone somewhere decides it’s time to throw you for a huge loop causing your whole life to change.

  When I first started writing this blog I knew I had to put certain parts of myself out there for people to see. Normally I am a very private person, but IF, IF I ever become an author of any substance I have to be out there at least a little bit, right? Well… I put myself out there in telling you about selling the house, etc. Today I will tell you why last week was a week from hell, exposing myself a little more, and then I am going to change my ways. There are a few reasons why I am doing this, but after you read my ramblings hopefully you will get an understanding of my reasoning.

  *Takes a deep breath trying to inhale calm*

  When we accepted the offer on our house our realtor said, “They are pre approved by a lender that I trust.” Tuesday morning the realtor called me. Some of her words included, “I’m sorry, bad news, wife employed by a fraudulent employer, and we’ll put your house back on the market.” My next words to her were, “Take the house off the market.” If you read the blog Bitter Sweet I stated it was kind of a risk to move when we were. After the deal fell through I felt there was no other choice than to remove it. It left me reeling, unable to concentrate, and hating everything around me.

  The next day the washing machine bit the dust. A couple days later a repairman came to tell us it was not worth fixing.

  Friday I went to pick up my niece for the weekend. Imagine my excitement to find my ex sister-in-law decided to bring her new boyfriend. That was classy, and that is all I will say about the subject.

  Friday night while talking to my mom I learned that my dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, he has regular checkups so I hope and pray that it has been caught early. The Charmed One’s father and stepfather both have fought that type in the past and have been declared cancer free, so my fingers are crossed. I wish I could say that he is the only family member dealing with health issues, but I can’t. Prayers and positive energy are being sent to my family members in need.

  So there you have it, my week from hell. Here’s hoping this week is the start of bigger and better things. Believe me I know it was a bad week but it also could’ve been worse. I thank the heavens above they weren't  and I’m real sorry for the people who did have to deal with situations that outweighed mine.

  Because I have told you guys things and now have to turn around and retract them only a few weeks later I have decided that from here on out I will only tell you  news after I'm sure it is true. Once we put the house back on the market and it sells, then I will tell you! Once one of my books is picked up, then I will tell you! Even with all the bad happening I truly believe that dream will come true.

  Have you had a bad week recently? What about month or year? I have to tell ya 2013 can go away. Like yesterday. What do you do to combat situations that seem out of control?

                                                         Care to find me elsewhere? 

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