Thursday, March 21, 2013

Routine Or Obsessive Compulsive?

  It’s almost six o clock in the evening. No matter where I am my dog Savannah finds me. If I’m busy, or ignoring her, she will just lay down by my side. That will last a few minutes then she will get up and pace a little trying to grab my attention again. Why does she do this? Six o clock is when they eat. If there is one thing that is true about us it is that we are a house of routines.

  It isn’t just at six this happens. Somehow eight o clock became time for a treat for them. Now instead of them getting a treat at that time we give them carrot sticks instead. I don’t think they appreciated the switch but I scratch my head trying to figure out how that routine got started anyways. When I sit down to eat breakfast they somehow believe they need Cheerios too. How? Why did this start?

  Sadly it isn’t just the dogs that have their routines. I am a huge routine person. The Charmed One is too, but with more flexibility. I sit at the same place at the table every meal. I sit in the same chair every night. I get up, have coffee, and check blogs every morning. Then I take a shower and get on with my day. When six o clock at night rolls around, after I feed the dogs of course, I turn the television to CMT to watch numerous episodes of Reba. (I've seen them all, but I turn it on to lighten my spirits. I can read and write while that is on. Other shows I can’t really do that with.)

  Pretty much every afternoon I put on a pot of decaf coffee, in which I use amaretto creamer for my first cup and peppermint mocha for the following ones. I never fold clothes immediately after they dry. I have to turn the dryer on for a least a few minutes longer before I fold. Routines? How do I function without them?

  Are you a creature of habit? Do you have crazy routines? What about your pets? Care to share any? Do you think maybe I’m obsessive compulsive instead? Hmm.

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