Monday, May 13, 2013

Ink Or Leather?

  Every once in a while I get what some would call a crazy idea in my head. Actually it happens more than every once in a while, just ask my family or friends. Now sometimes my crazy turns out pretty smart, although I can’t think of any examples of it at the moment. You’ll just have to trust me! Really! ;)

  Sometimes my crazy turns out to be just that. Crazy. One time I thought that turning a ceramic urn upside down so I could quickly step on it to re-hang some Christmas lights was a good idea. Twelve stitches in my leg and a chipped bone in my foot later told me it wasn’t really a good idea. That time I got a little too close to my parents sliding glass door with the weedwacker… that was a crazy idea. Do I have to go on to make my point? I do have a few more of those stories, but I may just hold on to them for a while yet. I honestly think you get the picture.

  I've wanted something for a while now. I keep rolling the idea over in my head. Some may think it’s another one of my crazy ideas. Not me though. Until recently. I added something and made it an either or deal. What is it you ask?  

  Well… I've wanted another tattoo, but I want this one to be unique. So I've been taking my time and gathering ideas here and there. I still haven’t come up with the exact one I want yet. Here are some I am taking bits and pieces from.
Possibly, but a little big. And I'd like a butterfly instead of a dragonfly.

Eh. Maybe something similar. But I'd like color.
Not a sleeve, but I like the butterfly and flower it is on.
  Then, I got the brilliant idea. That light bulb appeared over my head one day. While I thought it was an excellent idea the others at the table looked cross eyed at me. One of those looks like I had grown another head. I don’t know where the thought came from, and I do believe it is crazy. I opened my mouth and the following words fell out… “I’m getting either a tattoo or a motorcycle!”

  Yes. There you have it. Crazy idea number 4382. Have I ever driven a motorcycle before in my life? Oh heck no. But I know I can. :/ The other day this arrived in the mail. It fits perfect and has the extra protection in the elbows and shoulders. What do ya think?

   Okay, okay. Before my mom comes here and reads this I have to fess up. Yes, I would love a motorcycle, but I do value my life. I know my luck when it comes to certain things. I am the one that a deer ran into while riding my four wheeler one night. One second sooner and I would've been hurt. I’m also the one who flipped my parents SUV years ago. If I have a hard time with four wheels how well do you think I’d do with two? That jacket is for The Charmed One's business, and it just happened to fit like a glove. Coincidence? 

  Tattoo it is. Once I get the right one in my mind. Hopefully that crazy mind can come up with the perfect one soon.

  What are some crazy ideas you have had? Did any result in injury? Do you have any tattoos, or a motorcycle? Care to share what it may be of?

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