Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Look Bad Boys

*This blog is for the girls... And the toughest of men!*

  I was brought up to abide by the rules, to obey the laws. For the most part I have done that, only crossing the lines every so often. By crossing the line I mean that speeding ticket I got a few years ago,    Oh the heck with it!

  That's right. I'm not beating around the bush today. I'm getting right to the point because I'm feeling bad in the best of ways. Let me just say that if villains are this good looking write me off of the good girl list. I want to be baaad. In every sense! I mean... If this is televisions new face of villains I'm in love.

How about this one...

From the same show comes this guy... *wipes drool from chin*

Or here's another... 

  Well, maybe the pictures don't do them justice. Trust me when I tell you the two main men from the cast of Rogue (found on DirecTV channel 239(Audience), Wednesday, 9:00) are two VERY, VERY good villains. (Word of caution, if you tune in be prepared. It seems there is one scene in each show that is not suitable for children. I blushed, then remembered my mother was watching too, then blushed some more!)

  If those two don't do it for you let me give you a peak at a couple more bad men. You can find these jaw droppers on ABC's Red Widow, Sunday night, 10:00. The first guy they killed off just twenty minutes into the first show. That was unfortunate because I was liking what I was seeing.

  Since he was wrote off so fast I knew something else had to be coming, and boy was it!

Oh... Yes please. I can be really bad with you!

  If he doesn't do it for you there are a couple others that aren't bad on the eyes, but I find this next one to have a certain amount of appeal.

  I don't know what ever happened to villains that were scarred, weathered, gangly, or just uneasy on the eyes. Honestly, I don't care. I think someone is onto something here. I always thought I was the hero type, but maybe my inner, dark, bad girl is ready to come out and join these bad guys!

  Do you watch any shows where the villain is good looking? Do you watch either of these shows? What villain do you think should be portrayed by a good looking man?

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