Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zodiac Signs

  The other day I was hanging out at the Charmed One’s little shop. I had my feet up on the desk with a notebook on my lap trying to get some writing done. Suddenly a customer came in and started looking around at some merchandise. This guy was probably in his early to mid twenties. When he walked by me I smiled and said hello, noting his intent stare.

This is a mood ring. Mine looks nothing like that. 
  Now, the Charmed One was elsewhere at the time so I slowly pulled my legs off the desk and sat like a normal person. After a minute the young man came back and smiled at me. 

Our strange conversation from that point went like this…

Young Man: “Is that a mood ring?”

Me: Look at my finger and smile. *Clueless* “No, I got this ring while visiting Mexico a few years ago.” Holds out hand for young man to see.

Young Man: “Oh. So, it’s not a wedding band?”

Me: Still clueless. (Come on now, its been a while!) “No, it isn’t a wedding band.”

Young Man: “What is your name?”

Me: Watching the Charmed One off in the distance. “My name is Kelly.”

Young Man: “That’s a pretty name. What is your sign?”

Me: *Befuddled* “My sign?” Honestly I couldn’t believe someone was asking me this. He nods his head so I answer. “I’m an Aries.”

Young Man: Instantly takes two steps back. “Woa. Oh no, that’s not good. I’m an Aquarius. We don’t get along well.”

Me: On the outside my eyebrows are raised as this young man starts explaining his sign to me. Or should I say tries to explain his sign through a series of hand gestures and dips of his shoulder. There may even have been some feet scuffling in there as well. On the inside I’m in shock and trying to hide a smile. I peer over the young man’s shoulder and glare at the Charmed One, who openly wears a huge grin from about ten feet away. I let the young man finish his story of Aquarius being misunderstood. I felt odd because I really didn’t have much to say. Finally I asked him his name.

Young Man: “Oh, my name is Juan. I guess I’ll be going. It was nice to meet you.”

Me: Smiling. “It was nice meeting you too, Juan.” I watched the polite young man walk out of the store as the Charmed One walked up to me laughing.

  That conversation went something like this…

Me: “That’s not funny. I think he just hit on me.”

Charmed One: “You think? The way he was dipping and fluttering reminded me of the mating ritual of that male Cardinal in the driveway that you pointed out the other day.”


  There you have it. My story of getting hit on until my astrological sign was revealed. *sigh* I have to say that I have scared a couple of men away before, but not because of my sign!

  What is your sign? Do you understand the zodiac signs? What is the strangest way you have been hit on/flirted with?

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