Thursday, May 16, 2013

Toss And Turn

  A few weeks back I wrote one of these blogs called 'Sleepless in Podunk.' If you didn't read it I tell how sleep and I are not good friends anymore. Here's an update... Sleep and I are not on speaking terms. I've tried to reason with it, but in the end I've come to realize that sleep is irrational. Sleep continues to play with my mind and body. It's not a fun playing either. So for that I've just tried to ignore its taunts. I get anywhere from one to three hours of shut eye before it starts. Then I lay there. And lay there. And lay there. Various things run through my mind. None are real happy thoughts. And heaven forbid that I try to think of something happy. That lasts until I feel myself dozing then WHAM-O, I hear that devilish laugh in my ear. It is sleep, taunting, laughing, and heckling me. I'm awake. I'm awake. I toss. I turn. I sigh. I contemplate getting up. But that would really be letting the little PITA win, wouldn't it? So I sigh some more. Bunch my pillow some more. Listen to the dogs snores some more. After at least an hour I usually will fall back asleep. 
  With that being said I needed to find some funny in my life. The lack of sleep makes me cranky. Even the dogs look at me like I'm part zombie. So I searched some pics I had saved, and I found some new ones. I hope you like. Because I'm all about you liking this blog. :)

  Without further ado here's my compilation of (what I think are) funny pics.

What did she do?
A wee bit o kilt humor!
We could do a caption this for this one.
Frog romance?
And last but not least...

No explanation required, right?

  There you have it. Those are some of my funnies that I have accumulated throughout the past couple months. I hope you enjoyed them!

  Do you suffer from broken sleep? Which one of these is your favorite pics? If you had to caption the bird one what would you say? Do you think the turtle gets offended by being called slow?

W.P.I.- Whether you have acres of land or a small garden, hungry deer can always be a problem! Deer have already invaded some of my perennials that they have not bothered in the past. Maybe it is because my neighbor and I both have yet to put in our vegetables, who knows. It is frustrating either way. One deterrent to deer is dog hair. I'm going to ask my groomer to save some of the extra fur and sprinkle it throughout my beds. Deer also don't care for marigolds. I am on my way to splattering them throughout my beds as well. There are also sprays available to deter deer. The only way we learn is by experimenting, right?

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