Monday, May 20, 2013

World Of Whiskers

  It was probably inevitable that I would rant about this topic sooner or later. I mean everywhere you look you can find one of these. Some are thick, some thin. Some are long, some short. Some are full, some... well... some just are lacking. Whether we like it or not, no matter where we look these days, we'll find men with beards.
  I was at The Goddess Blogs the other day and the author blogging was talking about hot words of 2013. She went through a few and at the end she told of a word she believed would become hot, and soon. The word is hirsute. It means covered with hair, and is commonly used to mean facial hair. The little blurb she wrote about beards had an impact in many replies to her questions. I just smiled a little smile and thought to myself that hirsute men may be a good blog topic in and of itself. 

  Personally I do have to admit that I'm not big on beards at all. I cannot remember my father without one. I do see a picture floating around here and there of him minus the facial flash, but I couldn't tell you if he has dimples, or high cheekbones. Personally I have no idea what he looks like under his neatly trimmed beard. So when this trend started my palm instantly met my forehead. I wanted to scream. 

  As time as gone on though I have found a few that look wonderful in beards. 

  It's hockey playoff time. That means many, many beards. Like this...
Henrik Lundqvist, New York Ranger goalie. *sigh*
Or if you are not into hockey...

Hugh... *double sigh*

And then there are those that have a hard time. The poor guys, don't they know not everyone can pull it off?

Of course there is always one or two in every crowd that just can't help themselves...

Not to be outdone...

So we have good beards and humorous beards. Next we have someone that should NEVER EVER EVER even think of growing one again.

No offense Mr. Pitt, but I can't end a blog with that picture. So last but not least here is a
very nice beard...


  Of course he could make horns protruding from the head look good!

    There you have it. My blog about beards. Some are skimpy, some are funny, and some actually do look nice. I guess. In a why-are-you-hiding-that-face sort of way. It's a fad I hope goes as quickly as it came. I just have a feeling I better get used to it!

  What do you think of beards? Do you like a lot of hair? Who sports a good beard? Who shouldn't even try to grow one? Are you watching the hockey playoffs? :)

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