Monday, May 19, 2014

Food Fight

            Do you ever notice how some foods are so much work they just aren’t worth the trouble? I have to admit that I never really thought of it that much until my old boss stated she thought chicken wings were too much work. Huh. I have to admit she got me thinking on that one.

            I, being from around Buffalo originally, would never think a chicken wing is too much work. Come on, we are basically raised on chicken wings! Who cares that you have to eat at least ten to get full? Or that your hands get covered in hot sauce, grease, etc. I never thought of the actual “work” that you have to do to get a meal out of them.

            Ever since then I’ve thought about some of the foods I eat. Ribs tend to be a lot of work. Many times the reward is not worth the work, if you know what I mean. It just seems that the time it takes to pick the meat off the bone far outweighs the food that ends up in the belly.

            Shrimp is another one that is a pain to me. Who wants to take the shell off of your food before you can eat it? Or, better yet, how about deveining it? Blah. That just gave me the willies. So no, shrimp is not high on my list, either.

            We’ve had company for the past week-ish. The Charmed One’s mother is visiting. Sunday we took her to Tybee Island and on the way back we stopped at a local seafood restaurant. We ended up ordering crab legs. *sigh* It was when I was digging, clawing, and fighting for the tiniest pieces of meat that I decided what I was going to rant about. Really? That much work and effort for such a small amount of food is absurd. And a total waste of time.

            I’m not even talking about preparing these foods. I’m simply talking about these foods being presented before you, and you diving in. Or trying to dive in. Preparing some of these foods could be a whole different rant. J

            Do you consider some foods to be work? Which ones do you think are the worst? Do you continue to eat them, or pass on them?


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