Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sex And The City VS. The Golden Girls

  For the last few days I have done pretty much nothing but lay around. Hey, be nice! I’ve been a little under the weather. Sheesh, give a girl a break, okay? J So I have been laying here sleeping, reading, and watching television. I admit that I have read a lot. I love it. But it doesn’t take too long before my eyes get weary and I doze off. Today that happened and I woke up to a Sex and the City mini marathon. Now, I used to love that show. I actually think it had a hand in me starting to write more. Well, as I watched it today I started thinking about friendships.

  I found myself grinning when I thought about some of my close friends and the crazy things we did when we were younger. I thought about how one relationship led to another for some of us. Some of us found love early on, others later. No matter what, we knew each break up was hard, but somehow we ended up stronger because of it. It molded us into who we are, and who we love today.

  But now that I’m a little older I think we have somehow transitioned over to The Golden Girls. I don’t know when or how it happened. It just did. Now…some of my best friends are older than me, so I’ll blame that! Steering it back… I started thinking and comparing the two shows. I thought that Sex and the City was really just a younger version of the Golden Girls. Then I actually amused myself with comparing the characters. Will you play along? Come on, I know you have seen the shows!

  Let’s start out easy. The Sex and the City (let’s refer to it as SATC) character of Samantha Jones is kind of, er…slutty. The same can be said of the character Blanch, on The Golden Girls (TGG.) Come on, keep playing! The character Sophia on TGG is the motherly, protective sort. I think Charlotte from SATC is the same way. Now here’s where it gets hairy. I believe that Dorothy on TGG is kind of brainy. Miranda from SATC is the same way. So that leaves Rose, TGG resident airhead, and SATC’s main character, Carrie. Was Carrie an airhead? Eh, I’d say it’s a tossup. Her “writing” was brainy, but her relationships with men…not so much. I would say that when it came to men she may have been an airhead.

  So, that is how I’ve spent my last couple of days. Sad, isn’t it? Actually I love both of those shows. They both had made me feel just a little bit better. How could you not feel better after hearing lines like these...

  "I have low self-esteem, but I express it the healthy eating a box of Double Stuff Oreos."  

  You're not going to believe this, I just saw a cloud that looked exactly like a cotton ball.

  So, maybe I’m a little feverish, but you get a sense of my humor now!

So, are you and your friends Golden Girls, or Sex and the City gals? Have you seen a change in yourselves over the years, or have you pretty much stayed the same? Do you have any shows you watch to make you feel better?

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