Monday, May 26, 2014

We Were Never...

    I promised in my bio that I would tell stories of strange things that happen to me every now and then. I gave you all a week. I guess that is enough time before I tell you one of my 'A Day In The Life' stories.

    Last fall I was given a chance to go to Maine. I had never been there. I also never pass up an opportunity to experience something new unless that ugly four letter word interferes-work. Fortunately for me I could get the time off. I flew up there and met my bestie, who was there on business. 

     Now, when I go on vacation I have certain pictures in my head of what I expect the area to be like, or certain things I expect to see. While in Maine I wanted to see the craggy coastline. I wanted to see a lighthouse. I had a weird idea that I wanted to hear a bell from a buoy. I don't know why on that one!  I wanted to see  lobster and sail boats moored out in a bay. I wanted to see the brilliance of autumn, but we were a couple of weeks too early for that. I wanted to eat fresh seafood. I wanted to shop. I have the ability to be a shopping ho while on vacation. T-shirts are a must! 

   Bestie's family, which I consider my family too, has traveled a lot. We told them about staying in Portland, Maine. We also told them we were going to take the train to Boston for a day. Of course they had visited around the area that we were, so they suggested a few places. They told us to visit Rockport. "It is pretty, along the coast, and has a lot of shops." That's all I needed to hear and we were on our way. 

    We set out on the two hour trip to get to there and got hungry. This roadside stand had the best lobster rolls, and fresh cut fries with vinegar. I crave it even now.
    After brunch we set back out along the sometimes windy roads on our way to Rockport. I was in awe as some of the houses were of the brightest colors. I kind of thought that was a thing of movies or books. The morning clouds broke and the sun started to shine as we hit Rockport, and some of those pictures in my head became real. We stopped and walked down to a park overlooking the bay. I took in the beauty of the landscape and was overwhelmed. It was exactly like the picture in my head. After an hour of taking in the majesty of the bay in Rockport we set out to shop. Unfortunately there were no shops. It was one of those beautiful small towns that if you blinked you missed it. Well we blinked and ended up in the next town, Camden. Now Camden was many of my pictures in one. It had the bay with boats, and shops. Not just regular shops, fancy colored ones! We couldn't park fast enough as I was slowly falling in love. It also was a small town, but a small town of my dreams. 
    We spent the day there, eating, shopping, and picture taking. It was a beautiful place that I would go back to in a heartbeat. Thank you Camden, for fulfilling some of my dreams of Maine. Both Camden and Rockport were beautiful.

    We just figured bestie's sister got confused. The towns were so close together it would be pretty easy to do, right? Um, no. After inquiring with her about this she responded, "Rockport, Maine? We were never in Maine. We were in Rockport...Massachusetts!" 
    We got lucky that Camden was close to Rockport, although Rockport was beautiful in and of itself. 

Have you ever had an instance like this happen to you? Were you as lucky as we were or did it turn into a nightmare? Come on peeps, share with me!

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