Monday, May 5, 2014

Seeing Red

      It started yesterday. I woke up and was fine. Then I went to work and it progressively got worse. 

      One of my eyes felt like it was tired and burning. It felt gooky, crusty, and gross. I put drops in. It didn't help. I had sprayed an organic concoction earlier at work and wondered if somehow some got in my eye. Next I washed said eye out with eye wash. 

      That didn't work. 

      One of my co workers is in the health profession too. She looked at it and didn't think it was pink eye. Sadly the symptoms continued throughout the day and into the night. I thought for sure it would feel better after a good nights sleep. So I slept. 

      Then I got up this morning. The eye that was bothering me the day before was still a little bothersome. But as the day progressed I realized the other eye was the one that was suffering more. Sigh. 

      I had to work like this. But today I was inside. Side by side with the boss, who probably thought I had a late night, etc. Face to face with customers who probably thought the same. It wouldn't fly wearing my sunglasses on the inside. So I wore my red eyes proudly. 

      And still do. 

      They are bothering me like crazy, but I'm hoping that after one more night they might be back to normal. 

      Then I realized. It's allergy season. Is this what's bothering me? Is this why my eyes are red, itchy, and irritated? Could it be this complicated yet this easy? 

      We'll see. Time will tell. If they aren't better tomorrow I'll have to make an appointment to get them fixed. Maybe I'll get lucky enough and they'll correct themselves. Let's hope.

      Do you suffer from allergies? What are your symptoms? 

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