Thursday, May 22, 2014

Man Wars- Country Music Style

      So I've decided to have a man war. But I'm breaking it down into certain categories, or genres, if you will. 

      I was perusing the internet looking for a good looking man or two when it dawned on me. Why put one or two up, when there could be many? As soon as I saw the first picture I quickly realized this could turn in to much, much more. Each one has their own look, their own "thing," if you will. I'm just curious to see who you think is the cutest one. 

      Because we are taking a vote.


      Without further ado let me show you the man who started it all off tonight...
Blake Shelton... yum!

      It may be hard to beat Blake. I mean he's one of the top country vocalists right now, and he's on the wildly popular "The Voice" show. Who doesn't love some Blake?

      If you had someone a little different on your mind, yet still on a popular reality singiing show I'm right with ya...
Oh Keith Urban, that smile!
      Yes, Keith has his screaming female followers as well. This ought to be interesting. But what happens when a not so well known gets thrown into the mix? Well, at least the next guy isn't well known to me. Is he you?
Meet Chuck Wicks. Le sigh.
      After seeing his picture I want to know him better. A lot better. :) I have to look him up when I'm done with this. 

      I'm going to give you one last hunky hunk hunk. This is one I am a little more familiar with. I've seen him doing interviews, and he cracks me up. And that brings up another question... but first...
Oh Luke Bryan, you make so many hearts flutter!
      Do you listen to country music? Who is your favorite singer? Who, in your opinion, wins this man war? Does a great personality make someone more handsome/cute? 

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