Thursday, February 21, 2013

Change of Heart

  Well, if you can’t tell I go off on tangents sometimes. I’m Irish, what can I say? J But when I do I just want you all to get to know me, to get a sense of my personality, and my voice. If you are a reader you know what I mean about voice, right? Now this is leading me back to my whole reason for starting this blog. It is to reach out to you through here to get you used to me. I write because I love to, and hope to do it for pay one day. I do it to entertain you. When I first started writing this I guess I didn’t have a clue (and still really don’t!) what direction I wanted to go with it other than I didn’t want to shove me, me, me down your throat. So I try to mix it up some. But every now and then I turn it back towards books. That is really why I’m here, right?

  A while back I wrote a blog entitled, “First Person Overload.” I let you all know my displeasure with any book written in first person point of view. I even told you in no uncertain terms that I am a bonehead because I read the cover of a book and decide I want to purchase it. Only when I open said book do I realize it is written in the dreaded first person. I suffer through those books. Or do I?

  Recently I have read three books that have been written in first person. Two are Young Adult/New Adult contemporary romances. I will tell you those two books are two of the best books I have read in a while. The plots in these books, and the subject matter, make me completely overlook the fact that it is written in first person. Pages turn like moth wings flicker near a light. What books have I read that have made me change my mind? The first was entitled, “The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden,” by Jessica Sorensen. The one I am currently reading that I can’t put down is, “The Edge of Never,” by J.A. Redmerski. Now, I hope I don’t change my mind about this one I’m reading. Hopefully in the end the hero doesn’t turn out to be a dang werewolf or something. Barring the fact that doesn’t happen I will be hooked on these authors, and the whole Young Adult genre. I had noticed that a lot of those books were written first person. I'm glad now that I've given them a shot. A whole new genre awaits me!

  My feelings on the other book are still up in the air. I had read where some of my more favorite authors loved the book, and I believe it was a top seller last year. I can’t bring myself to feel much of anything for this book. The book is…Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. I’m still scratching my head over that one. First of all I don’t like mind games of any type. Gone Girl had mind…issues. The book made me feel yucky, and the first person pov had me wanting to put it down. I didn't though. I finished it, but not before predicting the ending! 

  Again, these are books that I like. You and I are two different people though, and we have two completely different personalities. The two Young Adult/New Adult contemporary romances deal with some touchy issues that are not for everyone. And one has a HUGE cliffhanger ending that I wish I would have known about beforehand! But every once in a while I need to steer it back to what I’m here for. Somewhat!

  What is your favorite genre of books? Have you read any first person novels lately? Have you read any of these titles? Did you like it, or want to pull your hair out with it?

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