Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wanna Get Away?

  Day by day the walls seemed to get closer. Rooms got smaller. The amount of space between the ceiling and floor closed. Breaths grew shorter. Life, it feels, was slipping from the grasp of tightened control.

  So, we made reservations and took off! It seems we both needed to escape the confining walls of everyday life. The Charmed One had free nights at any Marriott chain, so four nights were booked and we were on our way. Where did we go? Do you really need to ask? If you know me, or read this regularly, then you know Savannah, Georgia is like another lover to me. We packed up a couple of bags, some essentials, the dogs, and off we went. Luckily for us it is only about four hours away.

  We walked and walked and walked. Just when I thought I would lose weight from the walking we ate and ate and ate. Then we would walk some more. I love the architecture and wrought iron, so I take pictures of them. Of course I take pictures of the gardens and flowers too!

  I even found what I want the columns in my next house to look like... BOOKS!

  I’ve always wanted to walk the dogs on a beach. I found out the beaches of Hilton Head Island are dog friendly. So we took a day trip!

  We may have looked for places to live, in hopes that one day we may sell this house!

  I have to rejoin the real world now. L These past few days though have been great for our mental health, and left us feeling renewed.

  Are you a routine person? Do you ever feel life constricting you? Where is your get away destination?

W.P.I. - Here in the south azaleas are a prevalent Spring bloom. Due to the different families of them you can see azalea blooms from February until May, making them a southern favorite. Now they have even genetically engineered them to bloom more than one time a year. Two varieties of these are brands called Encore Azaleas, and Bloom n Again Azaleas. 


  1. Love the mini get aways! Always enjoyable!

  2. That they are! It is amazing to think how much they help!