Monday, February 4, 2013

Visual Aids

  Some writers use visuals to aide them with their writing. The last book I wrote I used pictures for the main characters, one of the home, one of the business, and one of the small town that it all took place in. Naturally, the pictures of the town and business weren't exactly what I had in mind, but they were close enough that if I just needed to remember something that picture would remind me. I use pics of the faces so I don’t have to recall later what color eyes or hair someone has. It just helps me. That is just the way I do it. Not all writers work the same way though.

  Since finishing my last book thoughts are running through my mind to who the new characters will be for my upcoming book. Sometimes while panning through Pinterest, or wherever, I come across pictures that I think, “Man, he could be one of my heroes.” Sometimes these guys are models, actors, or athletes. Sometimes they have great bodies, sometimes they don’t. You can always write a great body without a visual, I think. It’s just there is always something to be said about great...--->>>

  I thought I’d put it out there for you guys this time. I’d like your input to who you think my next hero should be. He is a rugged law enforcement man. His work life is rough which is why he likes his home life somewhat quiet. When he has to track down a woman from his past quiet gets thrown out the window. Unfortunately he can't be happy until she forgives him. It's extremely unfortunate for him that she is more difficult than most criminals he has to deal with. 

  That is a little rough, I know. Hey, I am in the planning stages here. Wait til you see how it ends up. Will it even be close to that synopsis? Who knows. Now it is up to you. Who do you think this character should be?

  How about possibility number 1?

  Maybe this guy fits better.


  Finally, number 3, could it be?

  Now, I think I know in my mind who I want to look at for the next few months. I want to know who you think works best with the limited knowledge you have. Honestly, how can I go wrong?

  Which one is your choice? Do you have someone else that would work better? Sharing is nice, you know!