Monday, February 11, 2013

Nemo's Nostalgia

I come from where the pink 200" + is on the left.  Good times!

  Some of you know that I hail from upstate New York. To be exact I come from a town about an hour south of Buffalo. Four seasons of weather come and go. Two of them are usually way too short, summer and fall. We were called the “Snow Belt,” because it wasn’t a matter of when it would snow, but how much it would snow, and what areas would get it. Many times when my town would get six to eight inches others around would only get an inch or two. Why? It all depended on winds, and Lake Erie. If Lake Erie doesn’t freeze the southern tier of Western NY is doomed for inches or feet of snow. Do I miss it? Hell no!

This is not an over exxageration!
  This past weekend the people of the Northeast were hammered with Winter Storm Nemo. I watched from the comfort of my cozy home and realized I don’t miss that. At all. Of course it brings back memories of school closing, sledding, and skiing. It reminds me of being outside and playing in it until I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes. As soon as we came in all snow pants, boots, gloves, jackets, and hats came off by the nearest door. We all trudged to the closest heat source, hands out, frozen fingers seeking warmth. Rosy cheeks lasted for hours as the thawing out process occurred. Then we would be warm, our clothes would be dried, our bellies would be full. Before you knew it we would pull all those clothes back on and start all over again.

  Those were the fun times. Remembering back to those times brings a smile to my face. Then I remember the dreaded things. Things like shoveling, driving on ice and slush, and the dreaded wet socks. It is just inevitable that no matter what, snow would be strewn throughout the house. It would melt leaving an invisible puddle of cold water just waiting for that unsuspecting foot to step into it. Yes, good times! No, I don’t miss the backaches, the wet socks, the ditches. J

  So I remember why I moved South while I watch as the people of the Northeast shovel out from the snowstorm that rocked their world. The winters became nearly six months of gray skies, a landscape of frozen white and long days. Yes, this past storm reminds me of many things. My thoughts are with all of you as the thawing and shoveling out process begins. Here are a couple pics of sun and warm. Maybe that will help!   

  What is your weather? Were you a victim of Nemo? What are your good and bad memories of unfavorable weather?   

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