Monday, February 25, 2013

Roots And Rolling Stones

  Nickelback’s song “Photograph” came on the radio today. It was always one of my more favorites because it makes me think of the past. The words conjure up pictures in my mind of instances from my childhood, friends with whom I love to pieces but barely speak to or see anymore, family that has sadly come and gone. My mind pictures fun and crazy times and reckless youth. I see carefree moments when our muscles didn’t know the meaning of tense. Thinking back to, or seeing these pictures really make me wonder where has the time gone?

  These images remind me how changing this world is, how much we change through the course of our life. I’m one of those people that change with the wind. At times I feel like a leaf that has fallen from a tree and floats aimlessly. My course of direction changes with the breeze. This applies to many aspects of my life, and I don’t know why. I am definitely not one of those that stay in one spot and grow roots. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just not me. At times it frustrates me that I am this way, but it is something that makes me who I am, I guess.

  Maybe that is one thing that draws me to writing. I can write one story and when it is finished, whether I want to or not, I move on to another story that has come thundering into my mind. The stories flutter in my brain like that leaf does in the wind. That is just the thing too. No matter where that leaf lands it makes a home of it for a while until the next breeze comes along. Or rake. Or leaf blower.

  I really don’t know why I’m rambling like this. I’m not really talking where I live either. I spent almost 30 years in New York. My last 10+ have been in North Carolina. Hopefully one day soon I will land in Savannah, but who knows. This leaf is fluttering, and the winds are starting to blow.
  Either way life is short my peeps. Make the best of it no matter where, or who, you are!

  Obviously my thoughts are spread wide and far today. I've gone from one thing to the next with no clear vision. I guess you all should be lucky it was that one song I focused on. Later on Meredith Brooks blessed us with her song “Bitc#.” I could’ve focused on that aspect of myself instead!  

  Do you ever feel like that leaf? What focuses you when you wander? Do you flashback when you hear that song? What is tickling your listening fancy these days?

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