Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Writing Contest

      If you tuned in to my last rant then you know I am in the middle of a move. Things happened so fast it will take a while for my head to stop spinning. In a nutshell we have two weeks. That is a very short time to do many, many things. 

      One of those things included getting my niece one last time before we move. We got her this past weekend, and even though we were busy trying to wrap breakables and sell an item or two we made it work. There was something else happening this weekend, a 24-hour writing competition. Yeah. I wasn't even going to try it, but it was hurting my heart not to. The Charmed One told me I had to. So yesterday at one o'clock eastern time the subject was emailed to me. Finally at nearly ten o'clock at night I was able to sit down and write. Was it too late? Probably. Did I enjoy it? More than you would believe. 

      I am going to give you the topic now. I kind of want to see where you would take this story. You can use some of the topic or all of it, or alter it. This time I chose to use nearly all of it. 

      He walked among the market stalls, pretending to ignore
the whispering and giggling women. His relaxed demeanor,
handsome features, and ready smile meant no female in
the town missed his weekly sermons and the church's
coffers were overflowing of late.

Feeling a touch on his sleeve, he turned and his smile disappeared. Looking first left and right, he angrily spat, "I told you to never speak to me again!"

She blinked, her long lashes brushing her cheeks, and said, "But, I need to talk to you." Leaning closer, 
she paused, and lowered her voice. "You see, I'm..."

      With it being only a 24 hour competition there was an 875 word count. When I quit for the night I was at 1150. Haha. Sunday morning I got up and revised, and revised, and revised until I got it to 873 words. I like the direction I took with it, and overall I was very happy. That surprised me considering the late start I got on it. 

      Who knows. In competitions past I thought I had awesome stories, but they never placed. I know one day I will. Maybe this is the one! ;)

      What would you have the the woman tell him? Do you have a time of day you feel your clarity is at its greatest? When is the last time you moved?

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