Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting Out of Bed

      I was almost late writing this blog. It seems I've been having a hard time getting out of bed. 

      No, thankfully nothing is holding me down. Its just I bought a new mattress. And it sucks... 

      Me in.

      It conforms to my body and keeps me warm (sometimes too warm). I wake up and sometimes just lie there. 

      For a long, long, long time.

      I really didn't think we needed a new mattress, but after being on this one- Oh. My. Goodness. This is a hybrid mattress with both coils and foam. Believe me when I tell you that you sink in. There are not any spaces unfilled between you and the mattress.

      On a recent trip to the chiropractor I told him I thought that my problem was I had slept on three different mattresses over the past couple weeks. (Don't ask, that's for another blog!) He agreed that that could be the cause of my seeking him out. I also told him though that we had splurged on a really good mattress that I would soon be sleeping on full time. He stated that was wonderful news. (I wondered because he had a fit when I told him I bought a down pillow.) He told me you spend one-third of your life in bed, and that a good mattress is a great thing to spend money on. I had never thought of it like that.

      Maybe more people realize this. That can be the only explanation for all of the mattress stores. It seems like here in NC there is at least one mattress store in every strip mall. Then usually one across the road somewhere to give competition. I've never understood the reason for all these stores. I still don't. We bought ours in a furniture store. :)
And it was on sale!!!

      I think I heard one time that you should replace your mattress every ten years. Hmm. If this mattress stays this comfortable for ten years I may have a hard time keeping a job. And friends. Or a life outside of this house! 

      When is the last time you bought a mattress? Does your area have an abundance of mattress stores?  What is the last item you haven't regretted paying more for?

W.P.I.- Do you have house plants? Are you aware that studies have shown that having plants in your living environment can lower blood pressure, reduce headaches, and can even lessen illness. Also, house plants tend to lower the amount of toxins in the home.


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