Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Trees and an Invincible Moose

      The holidays are finally over and slowly we are getting back to our routines. At least I hope. My view counts have been dismal, peeps! I'm chalking it up to the time of year, and hoping that's all it is. Anywho, no worries. We keep plugging away, right? Well, with that being said I'm bringing back an oldie but goody. I've found some signs that have me both shaking my head and grinning. So without further ado... 

      Let's start off with this special sign...

      I'm glad they are happy. Can you imagine mad trees? I imagine swinging branches and leaves or pine needles falling. Occasionally a whole tree will throw itself to the ground in a fit. :) 

      Okay, the trees are happy, but the Pigeon's aren't...

      Jeesh. You'd think they'd be happy to get a piece of food. I didn't realize pigeon's were carnivores!

      I really don't have a lot of words for this next one...

      Do you???

      And finally I have this. Beware of the invincible moose!

      I picture a moose running down a car and causing destruction like what is pictured above.                                   Don't they know that only Superman is invincible???

Are you recovered from the holidays? Have you seen any good signs lately? What is your favorite one from above? I hope it at least brought a smile to your face! :)


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