Thursday, January 30, 2014

Adios Podunk

            I’m writing this a little early, although you won’t be able to tell. Usually I’m pressed for time, so I write blogs the night before they are published. This one though is being written early so I will have it done and ready. Because chances are we will have no electricity Wednesday. That’s right, my peeps. I’ve moved even further south and I still am going to get hit with an ice storm.

            Ta da! Finally the blog I’ve been promising. J

            The Charmed One and I got the rug pulled out from under us nine days before Christmas, when Charm’s employer decided it was no longer necessary to employ Charmed. It came out of the clear blue and left us shell shocked, to say the least. Even though we kept busy the next couple weeks the weary feeling stuck with us. Part of the reason for that weariness was because we had just signed the papers on a condo in Savannah. Suddenly we were toting the note on two homes.

            All of our Christmas decorations and presents were in Savannah, so we headed there for the holidays and hit the job searches hard. That was difficult because during the Christmas/New Year’s holidays a lot of the powers that be in business are on vacation. It just so happened that Charmed did get a couple of interviews, and even little ole me got one.

            We headed back to Podunk to start packing and preparing to leave. We figured we would have until at least February before there was any action on the house. Shortly after New Year’s our realtor notified us that she had an interested party. Long story short it all went through and we had to be out as soon as possible. That made for the most hectic two weeks of our lives that I don’t ever want to have to deal with again.

            You see, we downsized. A lot. And there was only two of us to handle the whole move. I think we did awesome. I cannot tell you the amount of trips we made to Goodwill. We were on a first name basis with the employees there! And, the dump too. Not on a first name basis with them. :/

            This whole development has been such a learning process. One thing I learned is that I’m happy with a smaller place. I cannot tell you the amount of food that I threw out because it was outdated, everything from oatmeal to pasta. I nearly got sick to my stomach when I realized how much was bad. One good thing about having a smaller place is that we don’t have room for all that food, so we won’t be wasting as much.

            We liquidated nearly everything in a two to three week period. I had to say goodbye to my lawnmowers, weed eaters, and a side business. I said goodbye to plants, containers, and birdfeeders. We said goodbye to our SUV, Big Bessie. (Yes, we name our vehicles. No, I don’t want to hear about it!) We said goodbye to many things that were with us for many years. We just couldn’t use them here. Besides it being a learning process it also deemed to be very bittersweet. 

            If you follow along regularly you know we tried moving earlier last year. It didn’t go through. This time we did it a little differently, and it almost ended up a disaster. At times we almost lost faith, but we persevered. Like I said, it was a learning experience. I learned that things probably do happen for a reason. Before Christmas we were almost two lost souls. Now we are where we want to be, getting settled in and starting new jobs. The Podunk chapters of this book of my life are past. Now it is time to start new. We start our Savannah lives.

            Possibly in the dark.

            Because of a freak winter storm.

            Because Kelly is here now.

            Finally. J

Have you ever downsized? When is the last time you moved, or have you been in one place for a long time? Is this whacky winter weather driving you crazy?

W.P.I. - My new job is at a local garden center. I’m excited to start and learn some new-to-me plants. Charmed and I joke about my interview lasting 15 minutes. Charmed had seven interviews with one company before being hired. My orientation lasted 15 minutes. Charmed’s orientation lasts 15 days. In another state. I’ll take the plant life any day! We are now living in planting Zone 9. Stay tuned and I’ll give planting information on Palm trees! J

P.S. - I will still continue revising, writing, and submitting queries. That is my true love! 

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