Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photobombing Dog

      If you follow along you are aware that one of my dogs is a rescue. She is a rescue with a severe case of separation anxiety. Now, this is a self-diagnosis, if you will. But when she is in a sound sleep, and the Charmed One gets up, that dog is wide awake. She is only inches from the Charmed One at all times. I am second fiddle until the Charmed One is nowhere around. We kid and say she has some sort of nervous dog disorder, but we wouldn't have her any other way.

      With that being said she appears sometimes. Kind of freakishly. Like the time I wanted to have a picture taken of my new tattoo. As soon as I saw the picture I had to laugh. I cropped it a little to take out the image of the tat. 

Yeah, we call her the Freak!

      See what I mean? After I saw that picture I had no choice but to take the tat away. It couldn't compete with that face!

      My life has been a little crazy lately, which I will be talking about in a couple of weeks, if not before. Needless to say I am in the midst of a move. It kinda all happened within a few weeks, and our life has gone from high to low, and is on the way back up to high. Within this time we have been trying to sell some items. After this was posted I realized someone had made their way into this picture too.

      Uh huh. Her name is Savannah. She shows up at the oddest times. We shouldn't be surprised to see her in the pictures, but we are. As always, she makes us laugh.

      Are you into photobombing? Do you have a pet that is always underfoot? Want to buy a table??? :)

W.P.I. - I received my first seed catalog in the mail today! I love to see any new plants available to the market. It is also nice to be thinking of growing plants while most of us are dealing with super frigid temperatures. Do you start plants from seeds? Or do you buy plants already established? 

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