Monday, February 10, 2014

A Day at the Museum(s)

            I will say it is strange going from Podunk to city life. If you truly know me you wouldn’t think I’d like living in the city. I was born country and always have had space. Neighbors have been few and far between, not inches away. The Charmed One always believed that deep down I was a city girl at heart. To be fair, if it was a big city I’m not sure I could do it.
            Since Savannah is not a big place I’ve gotten along nicely so far. I never would’ve thought I’d like taking the dogs out for walks, but I do. It gets my blood flowing. And I get to see wonderful sights like this one…

            This morning after our walk the Charmed One says, “What do you want to do today?”
            Hmmm. Well, I did hear an advertisement on the radio that intrigued me. I did a little research and presented my idea to Charmed. We ate, showered, and headed out to Super Museum Sunday!

           I know many of you aren’t familiar with my new city so I’ll try to give you little bits and pieces here and there. Savannah is a city that is filled with history. Founded in 1733 there are many houses, inns, and businesses that are filled with back stories. Some of that history has been preserved, and places here and there have been made into museums that have been in operation for many, many years.

          So for Super Museum Sunday participating museums open their doors from 12-4 and give tours for free. These are condensed from the normal tours, giving people a taste of what that museum has to offer. I picked out two for us to go to. We ended up hitting five. J And we had a wonderful time.

            Yeah, it wasn’t like the movie A Night At The Museum. The only thing that came to life was your imagination with the way people lived their lives a hundred or more years ago. It was wonderful. We started off at the Andrew Low House. Mr. Low was a cotton guru back in the day. There was at least one piece of original furnishings in each room, which is amazing. We then hit the Flannery O’Connor house. Flannery was a writer. She wrote many short stories and was a three-time winner of the O. Henry Award and winner of the National Book Award for Fiction. She lived only 39 short years. The next was an accident that we stumbled upon, and a real treasure. The Owens-Thompson House was a true gem, with a cute garden, and carriage house that taught of the slaves that were kept there at one time. The architecture in that home was brilliant. Next we hit the Telfair Academy, which was a home transformed into an art museum. We rounded out our museum tour with a visit to the Jepson Center which had more modern exhibit styles of art, for adults and kids.
Telfair Academy

            All in all it was a day that carried beauty all the way around.
           I learned so much about some of the more visited places in the city. Now when we get visitors I have a better idea where to take them! I think the last time I visited a museum was years ago, for a school field trip.
            Next weekend is the Irish Festival! Did I tell you I’m really liking this city life? J

Do you live in the country or city? When is the last time you visited a museum? Have you heard of Flannery O’Connor?

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