Monday, February 3, 2014

Death of a Car Salesman

            I’m going to talk about something I can’t stand. I detest it, as a matter of fact. I would use the H word, but I H the H word. J Cornfused?

            I sold my vehicle, Alexis. (If you read the last rant you know we name our vehicles.) It was named that because I said my next vehicle would be a Lexus, get it? Haha. My intentions when I moved were to work within walking distance, but that hasn’t happened. So my search for the next vehicle has started.

            And I H it.

            I H everything having to do with it.

            Normally I am a jovial person. I try to smile a lot. I try to be pleasant. I try to see the happy in people. If I don’t see it sometimes I even try to bring it out.

            That all changes the minute I step onto a car lot.

            Nice Kelly disappears into the abyss. Don’t Rub Me The Wrong Way Kelly appears, and there is nothing anybody can do about it. After our last car excursion Charmed One told me I wasn’t allowed onto another car lot and that suited me just fine. But Charmed is gone for a few days. And I found a car I like at a dealer not too far from here. So Kelly put on her big girl pants and went to the dealership alone. Grr.

            Let me just say this…

            I would rather have all my teeth pulled with no Novocain.

            I would rather have a Brazilian wax.

            I would rather have a nail driven through my finger.

            I would rather have a lot of horrible things done to me than to ever deal with a car salesman. (No offense if any of you are!) Its just I hate being pushed. And as soon as that salesman pushes- Kelly does pushing of her own. She pushes her chair back and leaves. You see there is no car made that is worth me losing my cool.

            I came this close to losing it at that dealership. And after I left I got even madder. (Could be the Irish in me?) Charmed comes home later in the week. Maybe then…

            What is something that you cannot stand to do? What torture would you endure to not do that thing? What do you drive? Want to sell it? J

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