Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rainy Day Madness

      My rain jacket failed me today. I moved plants outside all day. In the rain. I don't know what happened to the component that makes said jacket waterproof. 

      It up and left.

      Me wet. :(

      My boots aren't very waterproof either. Neither are jeans. Luckily my co worker had brought a pair of pants in that didn't fit her anymore. They fit me perfectly. That was the upside to the day. 

      Apparently I'm not adequately prepared for this job. Hmm. But who knew the rain jacket leaked? Who knew that I was bone headed enough to leave my rain pants in the car? They made their appearance after I changed pants. The rain pants prevent the rain from soaking my clothes. Maybe they need to have a talk with the jacket. 

      My hands are yellow. YELLOW. Why are they yellow you might ask? When my gloves get wet the dye from the gloves bleed onto my hands. 

       It takes a very long time for the yellow dye to leave my skin. Just sayin.

      I'm freezing now. I came home and showered, then had a hot dinner. Now I just can't get warm.

      And now my nose is half running and half stuffed. 

      When was the last time something failed that you rely upon? Are you one of those people that are always prepared? Do you learn from your lessons, or does it take a couple of times?
W.P.I.- There are some major signs that plants will show if they are being over-watered. First, plant leaves turn brown and wilt when plants have too little and too much water. If the plant looks wilted, yet the soil seems moist, it is getting too much water. Stunted slow growth is a symptom of over-watering. Finally, yellowing leaves is a sure sign of too much water. 


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