Thursday, February 13, 2014

Olympic Dedication

      It seems like I've been talking waaay too much about me lately, and not nearly enough on everyone else. Its hard to write about anyone else though. I mean, I could make some things up. That could be fun. But I really don't think it'd make for good blogging material. So I've decided I'd talk about some other people. 

      Like the Olympians.

      Every four years I rub my hands in anticipation for the Winter Olympics. I absolutely love the winter sports. If you know me, you know I'm the hockey girl. My second book's hero is a hockey player. But I digress. 

      Every athlete has a story, and every story should be told. 

      I admire the time and dedication they put into their sport. Their compassion so palpable. And even though they are competitive until the end the sportsmanship displayed is heartwarming. 

      I like the Winter Olympics better because I can relate to them more. I used to love skiing (cross country.) My brothers and I would sled constantly, pretending we were bobsledding. Don't even get me started on hockey. I could go on for days. :) And I love watching figure skating, ski jumping, and snowboarding. 
      The training these guys and gals have to endure must be so intense. Then I wonder how many falls they have taken, how many times they've broken bones. I wonder what it feels like to ski at unreasonable speed with reckless abandon. Or what it would feel like to fly through the air knowing gravity is working its wonders and will bring you back down to earth fast and hard. What's it feel like to have a whole country rooting for you? What does it feel like to have a gold medal placed around your neck?

      I only know what it feels like to sit on my couch and root for these athletes. Each and every one is an inspiration. Each and every one had a goal and set out to accomplish it. Some will win, some won't. In my book though, they are all winners. 

      I was originally going to not watch these Olympics because of their opposition of gays. But then I realize that it is not the athletes that come up with this shit. Why punish them because of more bureaucratic crap? 

      Do you like the Winter or Summer games better? What is your favorite winter sport? Do you accomplish the goals you set for yourself? Do you reward yourself for hitting those goals?

Weekly Planting Information (W.P.I.)- The secret to fertilizing plants indoors is to apply small amounts of fertilizer as the plant grows. Without new growth, the plant has a limited need for more fertilizer. During the winter when light levels are low, a plant’s need for fertilizer reduces. During the summer when light levels increase and the plant is actively growing, its need for fertilizer increases. 

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