Thursday, February 6, 2014

Looking Pretty

      Hello, everyone! I hope this finds you all in good spirits. Really, I do. :)  And did I tell you that you look pretty today? You do, so pat yourself on the back for a job well done. 

      What's that? You think I'm buttering you up for some reason? Nah. Why would I do that? Well... there is this one tiny matter. You see I'm working ten hour days, and trying to keep up with a one week class. So I'm extremely busy. That is why this rant will be extremely short. All I can say is I'm sorry. While working hard hours I'm also trying to improve my writing by learning how to craft an opening chapter or prelude to my book. My muscles are fatigued from the job and my mind is on overdrive from the class. Maybe the following pics, some of my latest on Instagram, will make you forgive me a little? 

      Let's start out with this one, taken today (Wednesday.) Isn't this one of the cutest flower faces you've ever seen?

       Okay, if that didn't do it for you maybe this one will. I took this the other night. 

      The fog was so thick in the above picture that you couldn't see the crosses at the top of the steeples. 

      This next pic there is no fog. Or flowers. Just beauty. 

      I took all of the above pics from my cell phone. And all can be found on my Instagram page. 

      Care to join me? Do you forgive me a little? 

      How many hours a day do you work at your job? Do you like your job, or just work it to make ends meet? Are you on Instagram? How do you take most of your pictures?

W.P.I.- The tree in the last picture is a Live Oak. They are found all throughout Savannah, many draped in Spanish moss. They can live for centuries, (one down the block is over 300 years old!) and are evergreen. They can grow to be very tall and wide. I love their crazy twisting branches! They provide great shade. If trees could talk I'd love to hear the stories they'd tell!

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