Thursday, March 6, 2014

Customer Service at its Worst

      Remember the days when you walked into a store or restaurant and were met by a friendly smile and simple "Hello"? When is the last time that has happened to you? I gotta tell you, I've been on a roll lately with finding places that have had the worst customer service. So instead of holding it in and letting it fester I decided I would rant once again. You know holding things in isn't healthy, right? 

      The other night Charmed and I walked into a popular restaurant. The hostess stand is right there where you walk in. The hostess stood there, looked at us, but paid attention to a co-worker who was walking by and telling her she loved the hostess's hair. We stood there waiting for two minutes while these two teens talked about hair, outfits, whatever. This red headed Irish girl's temper simmered. 

      Later on that evening we stopped into a store. There were three people behind the counter that I needed something from. I stood waiting as the one girl turned around and started talking and laughing with her co-workers. She did some of her busy work as the line behind me grew. I hate being ugly, but sometimes I cannot help it. When the guy in line behind me started pacing back and forth I had to step forward and say, "Excuse me, do you work here?" I knew that she did. She knew she was doing us wrong. She ignored us for several minutes while she cackled and jostled around behind the counter. 

      Believe it or not I actually have one more. These all happened in the past week or two, so when a compilation happens I have to take notice. 

      If you follow you know we are new to this area. I asked a co-worker who she uses for a dog groomer. She told me, so I went home and looked them up on the internet. Their site had an option for emailing them with questions or setting up an appointment, etc. We sent an inquiry. We never heard anything back. So after a week Charmed called them. After being put on hold Charmed was hung up on. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. 

      Maybe I should write a book on ways to run a business into the ground. Or the art of hiring people. Maybe I should be mad at the managers or owners. All I know is that the respect lost yesterday is evident in the employees of today. 

      Have you experienced customer service at its worst lately? Care to share your story? Why do you think that customer service has deteriorated over the years? Do you think our patience has shortened or has service gotten that bad? 

W.P.I. - I had the good fortune of running into a beautiful hanging basket at work. After a little research I found out it was called a Lipstick plant. If you have a bright spot in you home or office and want a graceful draping plant that will bloom off and on all year, the lipstick is your plant. Although a relative of the somewhat finicky African violet, a lipstick is a very easy care indoor flowering plant. When given the right amount of light and not too much water, it produces numerous red or orange small tubular flowers throughout the year. Not only the flowers are colorful, the leaves can come in light green, dark green, or green and maroon. Hang it from the ceiling, place it in a wall sconce, or sit it on a table, you will love this plant!

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